What is your Bra-blem?

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Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Hello everyone!

Long time no see, but here I am again. I believe it is the first time I posted nothing for six days, but to me it seems like eternity! I love talking to you guys and expressing my thoughts with you all! So today I am back, and I will never be longer gone than this amount of days. Today I will be talking about bra-blems. Every woman has had a problem with their bra at some point in their life. I talked to a lot of my friends and family, to know what the most common problems are! Here we go! 

I am not blessed with a big size of breasts. Maybe you think: “Then you must not have a lot of bra-blems, right?” All the women that have a small cup will agree with me: we do! Here are some of the problems I experience:

#1: Straps sliding off

I think this is one of the most common bra-blems. But as a woman with small sizes and a small cup, this is one of the main struggles I experience.

#2: Bands that are too tight

Women with a small cup, tend to reach for a small bra that pushes together their breasts so they fit into the bra just right. I did that in the past as well.

My bra’s were sitting so tight that the bands at the back were clipped way too tight. I felt more confident that way because the bra “fitted” me. It actually is so wrong.

Your breasts are pressed together so they can’t breathe, and that is so uncomfortable.

I also think women with a big cup have this problem as well because they want to fit into a smaller size.

#3: asymmetric breasts

I experienced this one as well myself, but today I do not have this problem anymore. When I was still in puberty and growing, I had this problem. This problem comes with a lot of confident issues I think.

It is actually so normal that your breasts aren’t identical. Your brows are sisters and not twins, and so are your breasts! 

#4: wire sitting on top of your breasts

As weird as it is, as a small cup-woman I have this problem. Sometimes my bra tends to crawl up so my bra isn’t sitting the way it should anymore. This is the second common problem I have up until today. It isn’t as annoying as the straps-sliding problem, but it isn’t comfortable as well. Luckily there are some solutions for that!

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay

Now it is time to talk about some problems bigger cup-women experience.

#1: straps digging your skin

I have seen this problem a lot in my family. The straps at the shoulders are carrying so much weight, it actually looks like it is tearing the skin apart. To me, it looks quite painful.

#2: Cup overflow

I see this problem a lot, especially when women are wearing a deeper décolleté. The breasts are almost popping out of their bra. I can understand women want to show their big blessings, but this way it looks more tacky.

Credit: Thirdlove
Credit: Thirdlove
There are a lot more problems than the ones I mentioned in here, but I experience that these ones are the most common. 


Luckily there are some companies out there that help us out with these problems. Personally, I buy bra’s myself at H&M, because I do not have a big cup or have a lot of fitting issues. If you have more issues with your bra, I can also recommend Hunkemoller. I love this store, especially since they freshened up their stores. The girls at the store are very helpful and skilled.

A company that is specialized in common and less common bra-blems, is Thirdlove.

It is a California-based company that helps out women with their bra-issues. They believe that the best bra is the one you’ll never think about. I really like that baseline because it is simply the truth.

If your bra feels like a feather on your skin, you are doing a good job.

Credit: Pixabay
Credit: Pixabay
They work with half-sizes.

I am happy to see that more and more companies are doing this because sometimes, you just don’t fit in small but a medium is way too big. It is a real struggle, especially when you have small sizes.

You can also do a bra-test on the website of thirdlove, or check out the bra’s they have and why they love them here.  They have a Bra-101 guide. I highly recommend checking out the site if you have some issues with your breasts you can’t solve yourself.

That was it for today everyone. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and recognized yourself in some of the things I mentioned. If you have any other problems experienced with your bra, feel free to add a comment down below! I would love to chat in our community about our experiences! 

What is your most common bra-blem?

See you next time,

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: I was introduced to Thirdlove, a new company that is dedicated to creating the most comfortable bra. They have shared this guide with me to put a spot light on “Bra-blems”. It is something that can’t be ignored. Pictures aren’t mine. A credit is always mentioned. Please note that I am not a professional. 

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