Trends for 2016│The make-up edition!

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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is all about the trends of 2016. Since it is january, it is time to take a look at what will be big and hot the next months. I decided to split make-up and fashion because I found a lot of trends, so the post would be too long. So now I am presenting to you the make-up edition! Let’s take a look. 

I got my inspiration from Pinterest, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and other sites. With some of the trends I give you something wearable I have in my kit, so you guys can try out the trends  immediately!

Trend 1: Blue eyeshadow and mascara

This trend is literally all over the internet right now. It is the most trending make-up of the moment. Models are wearing blue eyeshadow all over their lids, or have blue lashes. Blue is back on track. A few years ago it was a total no-go to wear blue because it was way too nineties-like, but right know it is booming business!

Photocredit: Pinterest -
Photocredit: Pinterest –

Trend 2: golden lips

I found this trend in Vogue and on sites as Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. Gold is one of the newest trend colours so you can never go wrong with gold on your face. At least, if you keep it wearable! Gold lips is for the ultimate daredevils. To achieve this trend, I would recommend to take a golden or shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter and dab that onto your lips for a golden sheen, a highlighter for your lips! I think it looks very cool and stylish. My recommendation: Make-up Studio eyeshadow in Golden Glamour.


Trend 2.1: orange lipstick

Another lip trend is orange lipstick. This was also all over the runway. Bold lips are very big this year and it looks very summer-like and playful. I like to wear it with a lot of outfits because it goes so well with a lot of outfits. I think it would make a very pretty combination with the golden trend if you keep your eyes and face subtle, of course. You can go all out as well! Make-up is something we can play with and sometimes I look to go all out with it, as long as it looks pretty to you, it’s okay! A favourite: Revlon Lipstick in Kiss me Coral.


Trend 3: Sunset eyes

This summer, we’ll be rocking the sunset all over our lids. Orange and reddish sunsetcolours are trendy to wear in 2016, when the colors are soft. Pastel is very in as well to use as an eyeshadow. Red, pinks and oranges are very hard to work with, but if you use a bit and blend it out with other blending shades, it looks pretty cool! A recommendation I have for you is the MAC-eyeshadow in Expensive Pink.



Trend 4: Stars and glitter

Another trend that’s coming up this and I am over the moon about this, is stars and glitter! I absolutely love glitter eyeshadow and I am happy to know that this year it will be all over our looks!  Apply it to the center of your lid for a more subtle look and to brighten up the eyeshadows you’re rocking. Some of my recommendations: MAC’s pressed pigment in Day gleam  and this Make Up Studio eyeshadow in Icy Lilac.


Trend 4.1: metallics

An addition to this trend are metallic eyeshadows. They are often used as a variant to glitter because it is more subtle to wear. A favourite of mine is the Catrice metallic eyeshadow in Gold ‘n Roses.


Trend 5: Molecule products

This trend is something I saw in the January issue of Vogue. Products with molecules in it are trending and a lot of brands are using it in their skincarelines. You can recognize them by their fancy names on your bottles. Don’t worry, these products are tested very well so they do not hold any risk for your skin, nor the environment.

Trend 6: Clear lipgloss

This one is ideal to emphasize your pout. Clear lipgloss is of course very natural, and is something you can wear when you want to try out some of the eyeshadow looks mentioned above. That way it looks very wearable. You can just pop it on in the middle of the day and carry it around in your bag at work or school. I am a big fan of clear gloss! This is one of my favorites: the Rituals gloss in Eve’s Kiss.


Trend 7: Lots of bronzer

This one is very combinable with the clear lipgloss trend. In summer, this is the look to rock! Bronzer is something that we had to leave behind in fall and winter, but he is the real comeback kid of this year! Rimmel Bronzer in Sun Light is a favourite of mine.

thumb_IMG_4795_1024Trend 8: Underliner

Not really feeling this one, but lining your waterline is huge again this year. I am not following this trend because I feel it really closes up my eyes, so I’d rather not do that. On the other hand, some people are very pretty with black liner!

Photocredit: Pinterest -
Photocredit: Pinterest –

Trend 9: High applied blush

This is a new technique that the big brands introduced this year. Right now it is booming to apply your blush higher than usual and more in the front of your cheek. Sometimes blush is applied at the back of the cheekbones, but this year blush is changing it up by wearing it in front, right on the apple of our cheeks.  A favourite: Catrice blush in I Am Nuts About You.


Trend 10: Peaking eyeshadow

The last but not least trend is also a new technique make-up artists like to do on models: peaking eyeshadows. Maybe this is a little extravagant looking if you interpret it in the most literal way. My take on this trend is applying your eyeshadow messy looking in stead of using fancy blending and 17 different shades. It is a good trend when you need to hop out the door and want a bit of colour on your lids. Using one shade is a good way to brighten up your look. A recommendation is the Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. It is a primer but it is so pigmented in colour you can use it on it’s own.


That was it for today guys. I hope you found this post helpful and like these kinds of posts. Be sure to leave a comment down below on your favourite trend! 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger, 

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. These are all my own opinions. Pictures are by Pinterest or by myself. Credit is always mentioned when it’s not mine. I am not a professional. 

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  1. Blauwe oogschaduw en wimpers vind ik een gave trend! De gouden lippen ook wel. Oranje lippen , weet ik eigenlijk nog niet. Moet ik maar zien. Ik ben benieuwd 😀

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