Travel diary // Prague, Czech Republic

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Hello everyone!

This post is all about my travel adventures in Prague, Czech Republic. I hope you enjoy it! 

Arrival + new city centre + museum of communism

We had to wake up very early on Monday because our plane left at 7 am. We had a nice, short flight. The Czech republic is only one hour and 20 minutes away from Belgium. We arrived and left our stuff at the hotel. The hotel is very nice, clean and has an amazing style. We were very satisfied with our room and the breakfast. We decided to explore the nearest neighborhood of our hotel. This is the new city centre with all the big stores, Starbucks and Mcdonalds’s. Of course I shopped in some of the stores that aren’t available in Belgium because, it’s me.

The new city centre.

We discovered some monuments that are very important for the Czech republic’s most recent history. We also went to the museum of communism, which was very interesting for me. In my education as a journalist, we get a lot of history and I also learned a lot about Prague. It was so interesting to see my study books come alive.

When it comes to food, Prague is literally heaven. It is so cheap to eat here, if you look up some of good addresses. For lunch, we tried the Goulash soup. It is a very filling soup with meat and potatoes in it. It was very tasty. Czech people are very much into meat. They put meat in literally every dish. We shared two dishes for dinner because we wanted to try them both. I got a homemade burger with potato parts and my boyfriend got gnocchi with a kind of meat.

Old town + jewish neighborhood

Today we wanted to explore the old city centre, which has a some beautiful spots to stroll around. The houses in this neighborhood are so romantic and have a very special, cute style. It is so cute and cosy to walk around in Prague. We saw the Astronomic clock on Old town square. We also went to the top of the clock to get an overal view of the city. It was so magical to see.

The astronomic clock.
Beautiful view from the astronomic clock.

We went to the jewish neighborhood where we discovered some synagogues and learned more about their recent and ancient history. We learned a lot on this trip. Some things really shook us.

Had so much fun on the old town square!
The Rudolfinum.

At noon, we decided to go for some hotspots. Prague is a city of food, so we went to some of the cool kid-spots. We had some toasts and soup, and tried out the number one hotspot in Prague. It is a butcher, and he cooks your hamburger on the spot. It was so tasty!

These toasts were so delicious.

Charles Bridge + Prague castle

On this day we decided to cross the bridge to discover the second old town part of Prague. The bridge is beautiful and very famous. It gives a romantic view over the Moldau river. We got over the bridge and went in the Saint-Nicolas Church which has a great lookout tower. We had an amazing overal view over this part of the city. But how cold is it here?!

Charles Bridge.

Afterwards we went to the Prague castle. A beautiful and huge domain filled with the ancient history of Prague was situated a little bit above the city centre. We saw a breathtaking cathedral, visited the castle and went in the golden lane. It gave us an insight in the daily lives of Czech people in the middle-ages.

We tried another restaurant we found online. This one’s a vegan restaurant. We aren’t vegan but we wanted to try out what the restaurant had to offer and we loved it. I got a zucchini lasagne and it was very tasty.

Hot cocoa can’t be left behind in these cold winterdays.

Petrin Hill + Vysehrad

Today was one of the coldest days of our trip. I am guessing it was about -6 degrees celsius on the hill. We reached the hill with a little train going up and down the hill. I loved riding this. In Petrin, there was a lot of snow, which meant the temperature is significantly lower than in the city centre. It was a beautiful hill and I felt like a survival traveler. We went on the lookout tower to reach the highest point of Prague. It was so freaking high. I am not exaggerating here, it was the highest I’ve ever been (on foot, of course not with a plane). Everything was so extreme here, the cold, the height and the breathtaking view. So worth it!

The lookout tower on the hill.

We went to Vysehrad after the hill. This is the more industrial part of Prague. We had a nice and calm view over this part of Prague. Afterwards, we had the best coffee and the most delicious and cheap meal I’ve ever had. So great! I got a sirloin steak with truffle sauce and mashed potatoes.

The more industrial Vysehrad.
We warmed up with a beautiful and delicious coffee!

Shopping + departure

We did not have a lot of time on this day because we had to catch our plane. We decided to shop a little in the centre. I got a lot of beautiful things! (Haul is coming soon.) Afterwards, we took the plane to the airport and flew back to Belgium. Our trip was over but we got the most beautiful memories with us. I am so glad I found my soulmate to share all of this amazing stuff with. I can’t wait for our next trip!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post!  Leave a comment below! 

Your Belgian blogger, xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken bij me. 

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