Travel diary: Copenhagen, Denmark // The capital of hipsters

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Hello everyone!

In January I went on a lovely citytrip to Copenhagen and Oslo. Today I am sharing with you how I experienced Denmark. Let’s go! 

Day 1: Discovering the city

On our first day we decided to walk around the city and discover some of the major sightseeing places. We went to the Christiansborg Slot, the palace where lots of kings from the past have lived. We strolled around the shopping centre and drank some delicious coffee and juice. We also went to see Kastellet, a fort and the famous Little Mermaid. There were some swans swimming around the Little Mermaid, which made it extra beautiful. We also went to Nyhavn, my absolute favorite place in Copenhagen. I love the beautiful colored houses. We also saw the Amaliënborg site.

Day 2: Aarhus

On day 2 we decided to take the train to Aarhus, a city in about 3 hours from Kopenhagen. I have to say that it was really worth the long journey. Aarhus was the culture capital of 2017, and I can really understand why. We saw a lot of traditional houses here. We went for a lovely coffee and traditional food here. We also went to Den Gamle By, an open air museum that shows the history of Denmark. We could look into traditional houses and learned how people lived throughout different era’s in our history. We learned the history from the Viking age until the 1970’s. I loved it! After that, we went to the botanical gardens. So pretty!

Day 3: Castles and gardens

Back in Copenhagen, we went to the Rosenborg Slot, another stunning castle in the center of Copenhagen. The sun was shining so we had a blast walking around in the castle gardens. We also went to see the botanical gardens of Copenhagen. I love how all of these nature can be preserved when it is so cold outside. Afterwards we went for a big Danish lunch. We walked around some more and decided to check out the port of Copenhagen. Then we went to a café that claimed they had the best hot chocolate in town. We have to check it out then! Afterwards we went to Frederiksberg to check out some of the hipster restaurants. We went to Fleish, a meat concept restaurant.

Day 4: Getting ready for the boat

On the fourth day we had to take the boat to Oslo. This was such a special experience for the both of us. We boarded around 4 pm and we would be in Oslo at around 9:45 am the next day. 17 hours of sailing it is! The boat was extremely big and had lots of restaurants. We went to the Italian restaurant for our dinner. We enjoyed the view as long there was light outside and then we watched some Netflix. In the morning we had breakfast by the window, seeing all the Norsk Fjords we were sailing in.

Stay tuned for the Oslo travel diary coming soon! Check out my Instagram, @dewolftessa for more pictures of my citytrip in Copenhagen.

That was it for today everyone! 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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