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Hello everyone!

HE FINALLY DID IT! And yes, I am talking about Leonard DiCaprio’s award for best actor. But what about the dresses the stars wore? I summed up some of my favorites, so if you want to know what made the cut, let’s take a look! 


As some of you guys may know, I am a real sucker for gold, bronze, silver, glitter, shimmer and everything that shines really. This dress is absolute perfection for me! Credit: Getty images


Charlize Theron wore this beautiful red dress. You can never go wrong with red! But what a deep cleavage she has going on there! Credit: Getty images


Powdercolors or pastels are also a weakness of mine. I love this beautiful, spring-like dress! Credit: Getty images


For me, this was the star of the show. She really looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast! It is so freaking pretty. I would die to wear this! (Not literally tho). Credit: Getty images 


This royal blue dress makes me think of a fairytale. It is so stunning. Credit: Getty images


Jennifer Lawrence opted for a less princess or fairytale-like look. It was never really her thing tho, but here she chose to be the most sultry dressed lady of them all. A lot of black lace going on, but I think it is a nice look. Credit: Getty images


Heidi Klum made me think of the Barbie princesses I had when I was little. The soft purple color on this dress make her look like she is going to ride off on her unicorn after the show. Oh guys, it is so fun to pick out these pictures. It makes me feel like a princess! Credit: Getty images


Time for the last princess of the Oscars. This is a dress made out of beads in a dark purple-blue-ish color. This made me think of a mermaid haha! *Too much imagination going on*. Credit: Getty images
Lastly, I want to announce to you guys that I have now a Facebookpage! If you want to stay updated, please check it out and like the page here!

That was it for today everyone! I hope you enjoyed and let me know in the comments what you think wore the most beautiful dress! Now please excuse me and let me pick out *my* favorite princess dress for the next big event. Unfortunately yes, I am kidding.

See you next time!

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. These are all my own opinions. Pictures are not mine. A credit is always mentioned. Please not that I am not a professional. 

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