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Hello everyone!

Today I am back with a review on the Catrice Eye O’matic Eyepowder Pen. I already talked about this pen in my birthdaypost, but since I think it is a very unique and new product, I decided to commit a full post on this product. I hope you like it! 


So the product has a black packaging with golden writing on it. It is by Catrice Cosmetics and is called Eye O’matic Eyepowder Pen. I got it in a champagne shade, which is called ’04 Keep Calm And Love This Colour.’  There are several other colours as well. The product says: “Powder eyeshadow pen including applicator for an easy application and perfect blending. Creamy, longlasting formula.” When you pull out the cap of the pencil, a sponge applicator comes out, dipped in the product. In the cap you can see the product. It costs €3,99 at the drugstore.

The packaging of the new Catrice product.
The packaging of the new Catrice product.


Indeed, it has a very creamy formula. It is hard to describe, it is nor powder, nor cream.

On my hand it swatched very beautifully. The glitters are very subtle and shiny. You don’t walk around with big chunks of glitter on your eyeballs.

Swatch of the product with flash.
Swatch of the product with flash.
Swatch on my hand of the product without flash.
Swatch on my hand of the product without flash.


I do just like normal, and I use my Mac Paint Pot in Painterly to prime my eyes. After that, I apply the Catrice product. It is a handy applicator, but I find that you have to dip the sponge several times to have an even coat on your eyes. It isn’t very pigmented either, you need to apply a lot of layers. After the application, I blended it out with a fluffy brush.

Application of the product without setting it with a powder.
Application of the product without setting it with a powder.

Lasting power

I came back home after a long day of college and I went checking my eye make-up. It has been 8 hours since I applied it. I am not impressed with the result. A lot of the product has faded away, and in my crease I had a huge creasing line, even with my primer! I was a little bit shocked by it. This result dissapointed me because I had high expectations of this product. Maybe it’s because the formula is so creamy. The day after I decided to give the product another try, because, everyhing deserves a second chance! I took it another way around. I started off with my Mac Paint Pot in Painterly and applied the Eyepowder Pen as usual. After that, I set the product with my MAC eyeshadow in Dazzlelight. When I came home, the results were much better. My eyeshadow never looked better and didn’t have a crease line.

Endresult with mascara.
Endresult with mascara. And of course some awkward posing!


I was much more pleased with the second result and I have decided to use the product this way. I have to say, it is a very quick application and when I am setting it with my MAC Dazzlelight eyeshadow, I only need one stroke with my brush to get it right. When I would only use the MAC Eyeshadow, I would need to apply several layers to get the best results, which is normal with an eyeshadow. Thats’s why I would recommend the product when you are in a rush or have to get ready fast in the morning. You save a lot more time when using this product. You have to practice a bit with the product to find the best way of applying it. Maybe it works different for other people whose eyelids aren’t dry/greasy, althoug mine are quite normal as well. When I compare price and quality, you can say it performs quite OK.

It doesn’t cost much so for Catrice it is harder that way to make fancy and complicated formula’s and keep their prices very low. They did a good job though.

Overall view of the look.
Overall view of the look. I really need to work on my posing skills though!


I am definitely going to use this product again. In the morning when you don’t have a lot of time it looks nice because you don’t have to go out with bare eyelids, because you didn’t have enough time. to apply fancy eyeshadow.

It is a quick way of applying eyeshadow. It surely needs a setting eyeshadow because the lasting power on its own isn’t very good.

Catrice should work on this aspect of the product. The concept itself is very unique. It is an innovative way of applying eyeshadow. It is also good for travelling because you don’t need an entire palette of eyeshadows with you when you have this product. I think it is cool to see the product in the cap but I have my questions about how long the pen lasts. I don’t know if it contains a lot of product. I never saw something like this before and I was intrigued by it. I really like the colour though. You can never do wrong with a champagne colour and that was definitely the case with the eyepen!

The product is inside the cap.
The product is inside the cap.

That was it for today, I hope you guys liked it and leave a comment down below! 

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought this product with my own money. All opinions are my own.




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