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Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? I’ve had my first week of internship at Libelle! It was so fun. Today I am reviewing the NYX Lip of the day liquid liners. It is a new and very special product, so I’ve got some thoughts about them. 

The packaging

The liners look like regular colored eyeliners and have a very simple, but sleek packaging. The main reason I actually bought these was because I was looking for these three specific colors but I couldn’t find them in any eyeliner range. I really wanted those colors because I love colored eyeliner. It amps up your makeup immediately. I tested them and the colors were great.

intentionally got them as eyeliners, because the colors were a bit too extreme for me to put on my lips. As eyeliners, they do a great job. The pigmentation and color pay-off is very good. They stay on the whole day and the applicator is just like every eyeliner. I am happy I got them for this matter, and finally got the colors I wanted!

The colors

I was looking for these particular colors. The grey one is Kinetic, the green one is called Python and the rose gold is called Gem. You can see on the swatches that the pigmentation is really good. I think my favorite is Kinetic because it looks so unique. It is grey and blue at the same time. The liners apply very smooth and soft on the lid. It isn’t flakey and your eyeliner looks even. They apply very fast as well, it is great in the morning when you want to look unique, but didn’t have lots of time.


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For the sake of this product, I had to try them on my lips as well. So I did, and I was very disappointed. They apply like eyeliner and feel like eyeliner. It is extremely drying. You can’t move your lips as well. It dries up the second it is on the lips so you can’t fill them in properly. The color dries in every little carve in your lip, so that isn’t very pretty. Lips have lots of carves so you can imagine how it looked. It also didn’t feel good. I felt like I was applying eyeliner on my lips, it didn’t feel healthy. You also get a very small applicator and it bends the minute you put in on your lip so that wasn’t a succes either.

As disappointed I was with it being a lip product, as happy I am with it as an eyeliner. I wear the colors a lot and consider this a very good buy!

Pro’s and cons

+Versatile and unique color range
+ Excellent color pay-off
+ Very long wearing
+ Very good eyeliner applicator
+ Reasonable price

– A disaster as a lipliner
– Drying on the lips
– Bad lip applicator

I rate this product a 7/10.

Have you ever tried a product like this?

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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