Privacy statement

As of May the 25th of 2018, every website that processes data about their visitors is legally obligated to set up a privacy statement and ask visitors if they want cookies when using this website. Bloggers have to do this as well. In the statement below you can read about the data I collect and on what purpose I do it. 


Personal data: what data and why



On www.bubblesandmacaroons there is the possibility to subscribe to my blogposts with your e-mail or your WordPress account. I only use your e-mail to send a notification when a new blogpost is published. Name and surname are optional. In every notification that you get in your mailbox, there’s an option to unsubscribe from bubblesandmacaroons. After you’ve unsubscribed, I don’t have any information about you left. If you want more information on the way this works, I would like to refer you to the privacy statement of




On there’s the possibility to leave a comment on pages or blogposts. Your name will appear on the website. As the moderator of this website I will be able to see your name, e-mail, website (if you have one) and your IP-adress. This data is saved until you remove your comment, or until I remove the comment. Of course, your e-mail address will not be added to the subscription list. You’ll have to opt-in for this possibility manually. If you leave a comment via the contact form, I will be able to see your name and e-mail. If you send me an e-mail, I’ll see your e-mail address, name and content of the e-mail. I remove my e-mails regularly.


Statistic programs


With statistic programs like Google Analytics and the WordPress analytics I can see which pages on this website are visited. I use this to keep track of the click- and visiting behavior on and optimize my website this way. I don’t see any personal data. For these programs, your IP-address is used. These services didn’t get my permission to share your data with others.


Under age visitors


I don’t collect data of under age visitors, or at least not intentionally. It isn’t possible for me to check if a visitor is older that 18 years. If you think there is personal data collected from a minor please contact me via and I’ll remove that data.




A cookie is a little file that is dropped into your browser when you visit this website. It is put on the hardware of your computer. The information that is collected in that cookie can be send back to this website, when you visit this website again.


Google Analytics


Bubbles and macaroons uses cookies from Google. I do this to see how visitors use my website. Google will only share the obtained information with others when they are legally obliged to do so. To protect your privacy as much as possible, I have switched off the possibility to share data. The IP-address is anonymous inside the Google Analytics code. Google is an American cookie that keeps its data on American servers. For more information about their policy, I would like to refer you to the Google website.


Social media buttons


It has to be as easy as possible for you to share my posts to social media. To do that I have created a few social media buttons. Most of the social media channels use cookies. (I have Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram installed as a button.) I don’t have any influence on how they collect data and cookies. Read the privacy statements of the social media channels mentioned above to know what they do with their collected data.


Remove cookies


It is possible to switch off cookies and remove them through your browser settings. In the help-function of your browser you’ll find how to do this.


Sharing data


You can trust me on the fact that I don’t share any of the collected data with others, unless it is legally obliged.


Look into data, adjust or remove it


It is possible to look into, correct or remove your data that has been collected on the website. Just send me an e-mail at and I’ll arrange it as soon as possible. To check if it is really you, I’ll ask for the photo on your passport.




I take the protection of your data very serious. The moderation of is done by me personally (Tessa). No one else has access to the data. My computer is protected with a virusscan, firewall and password. If you think your data isn’t secure enough or if you have any clues that the data is abused, please let me know.


File a complaint


Do you want to file a complaint on the way that I protect your personal data? That’s possible via your local authorities.

For more information about cookies and how this software uses them, visit the privacy policy of jetpack.

I hope that everything is clear for you. If it isn’t, please feel free to contact me. 

Kind regards and I’ll see you in my next post! 


Disclaimer: This privacy statement can change any moment because I can make changes in my policy. I advise you to look at this privacy statement regularly.