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Up close.
Up close.
Hello everyone!

Today I am back with a slightly smaller post than other times. I really want to keep up with you guys so that’s why I am doing it anyway. I have an outfit of the day for you guys today, or as many call it: OOTD. Maybe you can get some inspiration from this outfit or get a better look of my style. Let’s go!

Overall look of the outfit.
Overall look of the outfit.

Theme and style

So I called the outfit “preppy college” because I see a lot of people wear it to college and when I look things up online, I can see that this categorized under “preppy“, so that’s the name. I also wore it to college to make an exam (stressy!)  so that’s why I think it is appropriate to call it this way.

I literally don't know how to pose so it does look silly, don't pay attention to that!
I literally don’t know how to pose so it does look silly, don’t pay attention to that!

It is a little colder here in Belgium right now, so I got the opportunity to dress a bit more winter-like. I really like wearing this style in winter!

Awkwardness alert!
Awkwardness alert!

The outfit

I started off with a white tanktop to keep my body a bit warm. Then, I put on a white-lightblue striped blouse over it and buttoned it up. I threw over this bordeaux sweater. I let the collar and bottom peek through a bit because it gives it an interesting look. For pants, I went with some black jeans. All of these items are by H&M!

I should be model though. LOL!
I should be model though. LOL!

As for my shoes, I went with my trusty old long brown boots by Hampton Bays. When going outside, I put on a white shiny scarf by Forever 21. As a coat, I choose my brown one by Vero Moda. It isn’t a very thick coat but that wasn’t necessary.

Another overall look. I hope you like the background of these photo's.
Another overall look. I hope you like the background of these photo’s.

That was it for today guys! I hope you liked it and enjoyed my style here. Please be sure to let me know in the comments what you like wearing on cold days, because I would like to get some inspiration! 

See you next time!

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything on my own and these are my own opinions. Pictures are all mine. I am not a professional. 

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