My lifestyleweek: what did I enjoy the past week?

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Hello everyone, 

This blogpost is all about what caught my eye the past week in terms of lifestyle. The little things in life that make you feel happy are most of times the most important ones. I enjoy mine a lot and I want to share some of them with you! 

Friday 03/04

Today I was so relieved when I got to go home. The past weeks in school had made me extremely tired and stressed out because we have a lot work to do. Spring break is also meant for studying in stead of relaxing. I was a bit down so I could use some distraction. A long hot shower later I felt so much better. My batteries were recharged and I felt very calm.

When in the shower, I used some beauty products to give me that extra clean feeling. I used this body scrub by Grace Cole England. It is a yellow colored scrub with tiny little beads in it. I used it to scrub my body. I also used a bit on my face because the scrub is so gentle. It has a sweet, fresh scent because of the passion fruit and pineapple. This product gave me a relaxed evening!

The Grace Cole England passionfruit and pineapple bodyscrub.
The Grace Cole England passionfruit and pineapple bodyscrub.

Saturday 04/04

Party today! That asks for a long make-upritual. For my look tonight, I decided to keep it very simple. For my eyes I used my Naked 3 palette. I used the shade ‘Nooner’ with the blending brush the palette comes with to give my crease some definition. I blended it out with my facepowder.

The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I used the shades Nooner and Strange.
The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay. I used the shades Nooner and Strange.


On the lid I used the first colour the palette offers. It is the white shade called ‘Strange’. With a flat shaderbrush I applied it. I put on a bit of eyeliner and mascara to finish off the eyes. On my lips I wore the Mac lipstick in Coral Bliss. Ready to go!

Mac lipstick in Coral Bliss.
Mac lipstick in Coral Bliss.

sunday 05/04

Anybody wants a hangover? I had a lot of fun last night, which also involves popping some bottles. And no, I am talking not talking about bottles of water. This morning my body was in need of a lot of moisture. My skin screams moisture.

Since today is Easter, I had to look a bit presentable. My trick? Mixing my moisturiser with  some drops of my favourite bb-cream. It does wonders for my skin! My skin feels soft and moisturised and has a fresh look thanks to the bb-cream. I used 1/3 of bb-cream and 2/3 of moisturiser. The moisturiser I use is the Nivea moisturiser for normal skin. The bb-cream I used for this is the Maybelline New York  Dream Pure one with salicylic acid in it for oily skin. I rocked this combo!

My moisturetrick! The Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream in light and the Nivea daily moisturiser for normal skin.
My moisturetrick! The Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream in light and the Nivea daily moisturiser for normal skin.

 Monday 06/04

In Belgium collegestudents have to study during springbreak. During this period, it gets warmer, the sun is shining and nature becomes more beautiful. It isn’t always fun to sit behind your desk and learn about marketing and psychology.

Fortunately, we can take breaks. What I like to do during my breaks is to sit back and relax in the garden with a nice book.

I am currently reading ‘The City Of Blinds’ by José Saramago. This is an exquisite work by him. I love his writingstyle. It is so different than other writers. I met the book during my senior year in highschool. We had to study some literature works. For a journalismpresentation after the break, we had to choose a book on our own. I am glad I chose this one!

Blindness, by José Saramago.
Blindness, by José Saramago.

tuesday 07/04

When I study, I tend to get hungry a lot. And when I say hungry, I mean a lot of cravings. Luckily there is still mom. Today she made some delicious fish with pasta.

She wokked it with olive oil. I loved it so much. This dish made my day! It contained mussels, salmon, tarbot,… You can read a recipe here. I really recommend it!

Wednesday 08/04

So Belgium starts to warm up a little more. Today I took a one hour studybreak to get in town. People are so much more happy and relaxed when the sun is shining. I couldn’t  resist the icecreamshop.

There is an italian icecreamshop in my town. Italian icecream is litterly the best icecream in the world (to me). I got a double portion chocolate icecream with cookie and chocolate sauce. It was the first icecream I bought this year and I really enjoyed it!

My italian icecream!
My italian icecream!

Thurday 09/04

Another studyday for me today. The sun was shining and I was not in the mood to sit in my room all day when it was so nice outside.

Twenty degrees celsius, good temperature to study outside! I was glad that I could work on my tan again, it is what I love to do during sunny days. I was also very productive. I had a good day today!

Working on that than!
Working on that than!

That was it for this week, I hope you enjoyed it!

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.


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