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Hello everyone!

Recently the sun has been shining and the weather isn’t so cold anymore here in Belgium. Although I’ve heard that this weekend it will be freezing, let’s just ignore that for a second. This Fashion Fanatic palette is perfect for the springtime. It has some beautiful light colors, so let’s take a closer look.

First thoughts

The packaging of this palette is very cute. The letters are big and the background is very colorful. It makes me think of a tropical paradise, due to all the bright colors. When you open it up, you find 8 shadows and one highlighter shade. The palette retails for €39,50.

Fashion Fanatic

These colors scream spring to me. They are bright and colorful. It makes me think of spring flowers.  They are also very fashionable, hence the name. I am so happy to have this palette for the upcoming season.

Fashion Fanatic

Fashion Fanatic Look

Some colors have a better pigmentation than others. I’ve had palettes that have a much better pigmentation, but with a little building up the pigment is fine. You will need some more product though than you would with other shadows. I’ve already created a look with the Fashion Fanatic palette, you can spot it right here:

Fashion Fanatic
Shades used: Style and Influence – Shop Shop Shop – Wild Card – Mad Mod

I had to use quite some layers to get this pigmentation, which means you will need lots of blending. This isn’t a palette to use on an everyday morning, unless you have some more time. The color selection is great though, I really enjoyed playing with the purples and I can’t wait to incorporate the hot pink in one of my looks.


So let’s take a look at the swatches! I will tell you my opinion on each and every color.

Mac Fashion Fanatic

As you can see on the swatches, the pigmentation isn’t amazing. Although when you put it on the lid, a  better pigmentation is shown than here. Totally Fierce is a soft peachy color, perfect as a lid shade, to enhance your eyes lightly in the summer. On The Hip Side is a blending color, ideal to blend out the purple shades. Outfitted is a gold shimmer, which speaks for itself.

Mac Fashion Fanatic

Style and Influence is a lavender, lilac shade. I am wearing it in the crease in the look I showed, and I think this is perfect for the crease. You can create a light purple tint with this color. Shop Shop Shop is a darker purple with a shimmer. I am also wearing this in my crease, to enhance the purple tones. I think that this is a very pretty color. Fashion Fanatic is a dark pink shade. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I think it will look stunning  with the Style and Influence color.

Pure glitter

Mad Mod is a glitter shade. It looks like a shimmer so I tried it on its own the first time I used it. There wasn’t much pigmentation and the color didn’t stick. So next time I used it over another shade, to enhance it with the glitter. I put some Fix+ on my brush to make the glitters stick and holy moly, what a pigmentation. I am so glad I tried this technique and the color worked. You can see it on the look above as well. So definitely keep that in mind!

Fashion Fanatic

Wild Card is the darkest shade in the palette and I am wearing it in the outer corner in the look above. This shade is very pigmented, you don’t need much of this one. I find that this one is harder to blend, so be sure to work quickly when you put this one in its place. Must Have It is the highlighter shade, which I haven’t tried yet. I think it will be more of a blush on my skin tone, as I am not that tanned right now. But I love shimmering blushes as well, so I think that this will be very pretty.

Final verdict

So what do I think about this palette? 

I think that this palette is really worth its price, despite the fact that some colors are less pigmented. You can create a variation of looks with it, especially if you love high fashion looks. You have to be skilled a bit to use this, so I wouldn’t recommend this palette to beginners.

The pigmentation is buildable without looking muddy or cakey whatsoever, so that’s really a plus. The fact that there’s a glitter shade and a highlighter makes the palette even more worth it. The glitter shade is buildable as well, and it doesn’t have much fall out.

That was it for today everyone! What do you think about this palette?

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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