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Hello everyone!

I decided to change it up and share with you my thoughts about a new hotspot in Ghent, the Holy Food Market! My big apologies if you are not from this area, but definitely get a look at the amazing food! 

The market opened end February, so it is still very new. It is in an old church, and I think this amazing. The church was old and there weren’t a lot of people coming to the services anymore. They decided to shut down the church, but building was too pretty to be left without a purpose.

So they decided to turn this church into a massive food market. The market kept the holy theme. You can definitely tell you are in a church. I love the accents they created. Some of the food stands gave their products a name regarding the church or something holy. I really like that, because it shows they don’t neglect the history of the place. There are 17 food stands, so everyone will definitely find something they like!


You can discover food from other cultures here which is just great. There is Malaysian, Eastern European, Libanese, Portugese and Italian food. I would love to try them all. You can also get typical Belgian food, such as cheese crisps, beer, chocolate and meat burgers. You can get homemade lemonade and cocktails as well.

We got some Bubba croquettes as our starter. It is a mix of cheese, ham, shrimp croquettes and it was delicious. We got a strawberry-mint lemonade with it. As our main, we got a bagel with tartare and homemade KARNIVOOR sauce and some vegetables. It was very tasty. A lot of flavors explode in your mouth. I am a fan of raw meat so this was great for me. For dessert, we went to the famous Magnum stand. You can get your own Magnum personalized with some toppings. We got MNM’s, chocolate curls and Oreo crumbles. We got milk chocolate and drizzled it with some regular chocolate. Loved it!

Have you ever been to a food market?

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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