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Hello everyone!

I love to pamper my skin now and then, because it really makes me feel replenished, happy and clean. I should do it more often, but due to a serious lack to time I don’t come to it as often as I want too! In this post I share with you some of my favorite products in my pampering routine.  

Ayurveda Scrub – Rituals

I have been using this scrub for quite some time now and I am in love it. It gives your skin the refreshing feeling it requires after a long day. It tingles a little (do not mistake this for stinging, because it doesn’t hurt at all) so you know the products are doing its wonders on your skin. The tingling feeling feels very refreshing and cooling. It is great!

Overnight Serum-in-oil – The Body Shop

This serum is my best friend for a half a year now. When my skin feels under the weather or it is dry, this product is the best. The soft rose smell is amazing and your skin feels soothed and moisturized. I also use it after a deep cleansing mask (when I have lots of blackheads, pimples, dirt, pollution or other bad things on my skin) this one is great to get your moisture levels good again.

Sink-in Moisture Face – The Body Shop

A face mask I really enjoy using when my skin needs that extra bit of moisture. You can actually feel your skin getting replenished and after you wash it off, your face feels like a baby’s butt. It also tingles a little, but it doesn’t hurt my skin. I love that I can actually feel this product working on the skin. Love it!

I left my own mask at my dorm so I didn’t had it at hand to take a picture. This one is by the official website of The Bodyshop.

Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Face Mask

Another mask, and this one I have already reviewed for you guys. You can read it here. I am not going to repeat myself too much so if you want an in depth review, I recommend going to this post! I love how this mask has so many aspects and it fights a lot of skin problems. It isn’t only good if you have acne-prone skin but it also deep cleanses and removes flakiness on the skin. You are left with a clean, healthy looking skin!

Victoria Secret Sheer Love Body Butter

This body butter not only has an amazing smell, it has very good nourishing and moisturizing properties. I like to apply this to my skin when it feels dry, and this body butter is just like a glass of water for my skin, it is amazing. I also like to apply it to my feet because sometimes I have dry feet (and I honestly can’t be bother getting a foot cream, because this one does the trick as well) and I feel that my feet are soaking up all the moisture it needs!

Unfortunately this product was discontinued, so that’s why I didn’t include a link.

What are your favorite pampering products? Let me know!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me, except for one picture. Credit was given.

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30 thoughts on “Pampering routine // My favorite face and bodycare products

  1. Oeeh, veel producten van the body shop. Deze zijn echt heerlijk he, ik ben ook echt fan van de vitamine E lijn. Ik vind het leuk om te zien wat jouw favoriete zijn! Want die body butter lijkt me ook echt heerlijk!

  2. Wat een heerlijke producten gebruik je, ik snap wel waarom dit jouw favoriete zijn. Ik ben zelf vooral van van de producten van Rituals.

  3. Ik ben niet zo’n beauty queen, daarnaast hou ik niet zo van Engelstalige blogs. Maar voor degenen die hier wel van houden is het leuk dat je erover schrijft.

  4. Wat een heerlijke producten. Ben zelf groot van van victoria secret. Ik was nog op zoek naar een goed serum mischien dat ik die van de body shop wel ga uittesten.

  5. Die scrub gebruik ik ook ! Heerlijke scrub. De producten van the body shop ken ik wel, maar zelf nooit gebruikt. Ze zien er wel goed uit en lekker in gebruik!

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