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Chiang Mai & Phuket travel diary // Thailand series

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Hello everyone!

Time for the second installment of my Thailand series. Today will be all about my adventures in Chiang Mai and Phuket.

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Chiang Mai: the pearl of Northern Thailand

I was really excited to head up to the Northern part of Thailand. I’ve heard so many good stuff about it! After a flight of about one hour we arrived in Chiang Mai.Chiang Mai and Bangkok are literally two worlds apart. It’s also one of Thailand’s bigger cities but much smaller than Bangkok. There are Songthaew’s, which are a kind of taxi’s but it looks more like a tuk tuk.

Unexpected beauty

We stayed in the Dusit D2 hotel in the city centre. We were very close to everything. The day we arrived we decided to visit the Chiang Mai Canyon. We went there by Songthaew. It was an unexpected visit, but we loved it so much there! The canyon is actually a mine that was once flooded, so now you can swim in it. It looks so cool and pretty and we had a really great time.



The view over the canyon is incredible and you can walk around it a little bit. If you are feeling bold, you can try jumping of the cliff into the water. We decided to keep it less adventurous and went swimming and paddle boarding in the water around the canyon. The paddle board is such a great way to discover the canyon. It was so relaxing and a great way to start our Chiang Mai discovery.



In the evening we had dinner at a popular restaurant, called Riverside. It is by the Ping river. It was close to our hotel so we walked there. The bridge over the Ping is really pretty and we enjoyed a cosy walk through the city. We tried some typical Thai food in the restaurant. Afterwards we visited the evening market. There are lots of markets in Chiang Mai. Basically the streets are packed with markets during the evening. We went to the foodtruck festival and the night market with souvenirs, clothing,… Chiang Mai is such a cosy city.


The next day we had a full day of discovering the Chiang Mai region. I really wish we had some more time, to really discover Northern Thailand but we had to make choices, so this was it! We still discovered a lot though. Our guide went to the daily market with us to try some local food. It was delicious. Afterwards we saw some gardens at a local, not-touristic temple. There were giant waterlily’s, frogs and lots of peace. Next we visited the Wat … We saw the contrast between the renovated and the old part of the temple site. It’s so nice to see both sides of it.



Next we went into the mountains. More specifically: Doi Suthep. There is a very famous Wat here as well, the Wat Doi Suthep. We walked around the complex with our guide and enjoyed the beautiful view over the city. I was also blown away by the beauty of the Wat. All the gold was just incredible.

Next we visited a silk factory. We saw how the silk was made from caterpillar to fabric. This was very interesting to see and we learned a lot about how this was made. Next we had a good thai lunch before heading back to our hotel. After that we did a night safari. We visited a zoo at night, which was very cool to see all the animals so close by.


Phuket: relax and enjoy

The next morning it was time for us to leave Chiang Mai. Up to Phuket! We had a 1h30 flight and drove for an hour to our hotel. We stayed in Panwa. We didn’t do anything special that night except for enjoying a good dinner in our hotel.

The next day we discovered a little bit more of Phuket. We walked around the shopping streets and visited some temples. The Thai temples never seem to bore me. They are all so unique and detailed, it stays interesting to look at and wander around it. We also visited the Big Buddha. To visit it, we drove all the way up to one of the highest points of Phuket. The Big Buddha is very impressive and definitely a must-see when coming to Phuket. There’s also a very beautiful 360° view of the coastline up here.

Afterwards, we went to some viewpoints. This was actually the only rainy day we had in our vacation to Thailand. We didn’t mind that much because it was still very hot. The country is still very beautiful, so it wasn’t a buzz kill for us! We spent the afternoon by the beach and our hotel pool (yes, the rain stopped, otherwise it would be a little bit ridiculous) and relaxing before we headed out for our next adventures. But that’s for the next Thailand post! So definitely stay tuned. 🙂

See you next time! 

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