5 reasons why you should visit Belgium

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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is a little different than I’ve shared here before, but since you know my biggest interests are fashion, beauty, makeup but also traveling. I’ve shared with you a lot of my travel diaries, but my own country Belgium has some beautiful gems as well. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are 5 reasons that should make you consider coming to this beautiful country.

The food

Belgian food is simply amazing. I’ve travelled to quite some countries in the short period that I am walking this earth, but the food here is the best I ever tasted. I love being away but there’s no food like home for me! There’s Belgian chocolate, fries with mayonaise,  waffles and many more of our national specialties.

The food that isn’t typical Belgian is also very tasty. Our sauces are so creamy, spicy and just a plate full of deliciousness. The meat is very juicy and tastes are just always so right. To me, although I am biased, there is nothing better than Belgian food.

Eating out at a restaurant is also a big part of our culture. People like to go out for dinner and stay there for a long time. Food is very important in our country, and people like to enjoy it as long as possible! You can definitely say that we have a kind of food-culture.

The beer

With good food, there have to be good drinks! Belgium is very well-known for its beer. There is an insanely large selection of beers. There’s dark, blonde, dark-blonde, rosé and many other variations. It is very tasty. My favorite has to be the Lindemans Crises beer. It is so sweet and tasty! Beerlovers will definitely love their visit to Belgium.

Brewing beer is a much respected art in my country. You can even visit lots of breweries and get a guided tour and taste the beers they make. I would definitely suggest trying a beer, even when you aren’t a beer fan!

Dynamic and historic cities

Belgium has two parts to it, which makes it even more interesting to pay a visit to this country. There’s the busy Flanders, where people speak Dutch (like myself) and the quiet Wallonia, where people speak French. To throw a little bit more in the mix, we have some parts that speak German as well. Brussels is bilingual, which means there’s both Dutch and French. It makes our country very interesting and diverse. You definitely have to visit both parts!

The part where I live, Flanders, is more busy and has some very beautiful cities. You definitely have to pay a visit to Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt, & Bruges. All of them have a very unique and rich history. You will definitely be charmed by the beauty of these cities.

Beautiful nature

In big contrast with Flanders, there’s Wallonia. A part of Belgium with lots of amazing nature. You can go hiking, enjoy a boat ride, go camping, rafting, canoeing and all sorts of sporty stuff. Death rides and rappel are a staple in Wallonia. A lot of people and groups go camping in this part of Belgium. You can enjoy some survival in nature here. Discover some of the caves hidden in nature and see the European Big Five here. Don’t skip out on Wallonia when coming to Belgium!

The heart of Europe

Lastly, Belgium really is the heart of Europe. Our capital Brussels is very important in European politics. Lots of political institutions are in Brussels. Without Belgium, Europe wouldn’t be what it is right now. You wouldn’t say at first sight, but our country plays a big part in the world!

Will you be visiting Belgium anytime soon? What do you think about this country? Let me know!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own.

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