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Hello everyone!

Summer is almost over and while we are enjoying our indian summer right now I am thinking about how to maintain my summer tan. I love tanned skin, it is a signature look for me. I am tan on my body all throughout the year naturally, but I want to keep the summer vibes. Sunstripping is a new technique that I am curious to test out, want to come along? 

When I first heard about sun stripping, I was thinking: “Oh, I do not have to apply a lot to get that effect!” I am someone that tans a lot in the face and since I cannot stand tanning without sunglasses, I get that ski-glasses effect on my face. I never really liked that, but I begin to have peace with it, haha! Because of that, my nose and cheekbones stand out a lot in comparison to my under-eye area. Sometimes to make it less harsh, I applied some bronzer to this area. I didn’t know this was sun stripping, until now!

You have to apply bronzer onto the bridge of your nose and on your cheekbones. You can also use a bit above the cheekbones. These are the places the sun naturally hits your face and it will give you that sun kissed look.

Here, I have applied the bronzer harshly to the areas needed. It looks funny like this!
Here, I have applied the bronzer harshly to the areas needed. It looks funny like this! It is like I fell into dirt or something.

The resultimg_8253

I used my warm toned bronzer in the NYX palette to get this effect. You really have to use a warm-toned bronzer for this technique, otherwise it will look muddy and artificial. A warm-toned bronzer will give you a natural tanned look.

I used a double sided brush by Kiko. I went with the long brush, because the round one would be too harsh. I dipped my brush into the pan quite generously and dusted off the acces product. Then, I applied the product onto my face and blending it out.



I really like this technique. I will definitely use it again if I have a serious case of white under-eye-area going on (which is all throughout summer, literally). It looks way more natural than the normal contouring technique so I would really recommend trying it out if you do not like contouring, or when you think this is too harsh for you.

That was it for today everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading.

What do you think of sun stripping?

See you next time!

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money and these are my own honest opinions. Pictures aren’t all mine, a credit is mentioned when it’s not. Please note that I am not a professional. 


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