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Hello everyone!

In January I went to Copenhagen, Denmark. I wrote a travel diary about my adventures over there, but I decided to make a blogpost about some travel tips I have. So if you want to go to Kopenhagen soon, you better read this post! 

How to travel

Most of the times we went on foot in the city. Sometimes we used the metro when we had to travel a bit longer. Because we walked so much, we didn’t get a metro- or buspass. We did some long walks, so if you aren’t into that, you better buy a day ticket in the metrostation.

As you can read in my travel diary, we also went to Aarhus. We went by train. It is a three hour ride, so you better be prepared for that. Finding cheap tickets to Aarhus from Copenhagen is kinda hard. We found a special deal on the spot so we decided to take it, because I really wanted to see this city. We had fixed train hours. We left at six am and arrived back in Copenhagen at 11 pm. It was a long day, but very worth it. I can’t complain about the train service in Denmark. The trains are very comfortable and spacious. There are plugs for your phone and they drive very soft. We were very happy with it!


We saw a lot of beautiful things in Copenhagen. We combined Nyhavn with Kastellet, an old, beautiful castle with a canal around it. You could walk around it. Afterwards we also went to see The Little Mermaid. It is very close to Kastellet. We walked from Nyhavn to Kastellet area. It is a long distance, but for us it was perfect to save some money on public transport.

We also went to see the Rosenborg Slot and the botanical garden close by. Amaliënborg is also a must see. We also went to the National Theater and the Radhuspladsen. Radhuspladsen is close to the shopping district. We also visited the royal palace.

Where to eat and drink

When we go on a holiday, big portions of our days are filled with eating and drinking. We want to discover the local dishes and drinks and discover some new tastes. We love dining and really enjoy being in a restaurant or café. These are some of my recommendations.

Next Door Café

On our first day we went here for breakfast. We had a very early flight so we were hungry when we arrived. Breakfast is great here. The meals aren’t special, but simple and good. The service is very friendly as well.

Joe & The Juice

This is a chain that you can find all over Denmark. We were curious so we tried some juices and loved it. The juices are fresh and tasty.


This restaurant is located in the hipster district Frederiksberg. It was a very expensive restaurant, so we didn’t order that much. If you are on a budget, I won’t recommend it. But if you are willing to spend some more, you should definitely try this. It is a very cool restaurant with a butchery in it.

General tips

Copenhagen is a Scandinavian country. It is a very organized, quiet city. There are a lot of people in the city centre, but it didn’t feel busy or chaotic to me. I found it very relaxing to go to Copenhagen in January. It is wintertime, so take some warm clothes with you. There wasn’t any snow when we went, but sometimes there were some snowflakes.

I really feel like the wintertime makes your stay in Copenhagen even more magical. I think the ideal time to go is around Christmas time, so you can visit the Tivoli amusement park as well. It is the oldest amusement park in Europe. We didn’t get to visit it because we went in January, so take that into account when visiting Copenhagen.

Overall, I can really recommend Copenhagen to go on a citytrip. It is an amazing city, and perfect do-able on three days. We had plenty enough time to discover everything. You don’t have to rush through everything, which makes it very relaxing. We could enjoy the city to its fullest.

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,


Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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2 thoughts on “Travel tips Copenhagen, Denmark // How to get the most out of your trip

  1. Oh, kei leuk! Ik wil al superlang eens naar Kopenhagen op citytrip gaan maar hoorde altijd dat dat wat prijzig is… Daarom is het dus altijd al uitgesteld geweest! Als ik er ooit geraak, komen deze tips alvast goed van pas! 😉

    1. Dat klopt wel, het is inderdaad wel wat duurder dan bijvoorbeeld Praag of Boedapest, maar zeker een aanrader! Dank je wel om te lezen!

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