Travel does not have to be across the world // A quick fall getaway

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Hello everyone!

As you guys all know, I love to travel abroad and discover the entire world. My Bali travel diary and a Maastricht travel diary is coming soon! For this post I discovered some very great deals if you want to get away this fall season to enjoy some beautiful nature close by home. Since I live in Belgium, I sorted some deals out for you guys close by. Let’s have a look! 


Hasselt is a city in Limburg, Belgium. It is a very romantic and cosy city to stroll around. Enjoy some shopping there, or go around Christmas, if you want to visit the beautiful Christmas market.


I have a travel diary up about Amsterdam that you can read here. I really loved Amsterdam for shopping and some sightseeing. I was only there for one day, but that wasn’t enough to discover the city. A weekend or three days are perfect to discover this beautiful dutch city.


As I said, a travel diary about Maastricht will be coming up soon, but for now I really want to say that Maastricht is a very beautiful city that you have to see on a quick little getaway. It is perfect for shopping, strolling around and drinking coffee.


This place in the Belgian Ardennes is authentic and has a calm and rustic vibe. You can enjoy the beautiful nature and wildlife out there as well as enjoying some good cuisine. Be sure to take in some of the Wallonian vibes. If you are going for a weekend, visit the caves of Han as well. These caves are the biggest in Europe. A guide will take you into the caves and give you lots of information about them. Afterwards you can spot wildlife as well.


Valkenburg is a city in southern Limburg, The Netherlands. You can enjoy some history here. Visit old castle ruïnes and a mine. There are caves, museums and lots of lovely hotspots to visit. If you spend a weekend here, combine your trip to Valkenburg with a ticket to the beautiful spa of Thermae 2000 or enjoy some shopping in the outlet Maasmechelen Village.

‘S Hertogenbosch

‘S Hertogenbosch is a city in The Netherlands. You can enjoy some relaxing and discover some of the historic places here. If you choose to spend a weekend here, why don’t you go visit the famous amusement park Efteling (get your discount via, a magical fairytale park? If you like some wildlife and animals, you can also visit Beekse Bergen, an animal park close by.

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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