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Hello everyone!

Yesterday I got back from my amazing travel adventures in Thailand. We traveled around the country for two weeks. We went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket, Khao Sok and Koh Samui. I decided to split the destinations into two separate travel itineraries because this post would be too long. So let’s check out all the things we did in these three wonderful places! 

Bangkok, baby!

As most of the Thailand travelers do, we started our journey in the capital of the country, Bangkok. We stayed there for three nights. On our first day we were a bit jetlagged so we didn’t plan very much. We arrived in the morning so we weren’t ready yet to jump into the sightseeing. But we didn’t want to stay in our hotel. We freshened up and went to the two big shopping centers in Bangkok. It was very close to our hotel.




It was very nice to discover the city at a slow pace by walking through the shopping centers. Afterwards we went to some local markets and walked through some streets. At dinnertime, we decided to go to a rooftop bar. This is definitely a must do when you are in Bangkok. There are several rooftop bars in the city and it is magical.

We went to Vertigo Moon Bar and Restaurant. It is a bar on top of a hotel, the Banyan Tree Hotel. We took the elevator to the 60th floor. And, what a view! It was amazing. We had a 360° view of the city. The lights of the skyline at night are so beautiful. I really recommend this rooftop bar. It is a great way to start your holiday in Thailand. You look over the city and just know this holiday is going to be good. Just, go and do it, believe me. 😉

City tour

On our next full day in Bangkok we did an excursion to discover the city. This was a very fun day! We started our day with two temples. We visited Wat Pho and Wat Phra Keow. We were very overwhelmed by the beauty of these temples. Everything is so detailed, even the littlest things about them. The gold, the figures, everything was in a perfect state. The sites were also very clean. There wasn’t one dirty spot. So incredible!




I also learned a lot about the history of the Buddhist religion, Bangkok, and Thailand in general. It was all very new to me, so I took this opportunity to learn more about it with both hands!

After the two temples we went to the site of the Royal Palace of Bangkok. This was breathtaking. I can’t explain the beauty of this site. It was amazing. All the gold, all the details, so unreal. Our guide told us lots about the royal family of Thailand. The royal family is very important and even holy to the Thai people. They respect and support them very much and are proud of them. That’s why you see so many places all around the country to honor them. I really enjoyed learning more about the history of the Thai royalty.




After the palace we enjoyed a boat ride on the Chao Praya river, or the Klongs (canals) of Bangkok. We took a long tail boat and saw the houses by the water. We also saw two giant lizards! Next up was lunch. I had a very delicious Pad Thai. Next up was the Wat Arun (Temple of the Dawn), my favorite temple of the day. This temple was very different from the other ones. I was really impressed by the way it was built, everything was so detailed.




The last stop of the day was the flowers market and China Town. We walked through the markets and learned a lot about the flowers and did some shopping in China Town. I really enjoyed picking up the Bangkok vibe on these markets.


On our last day in Bangkok we decided to make a day trip to Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. It is about an hour and a half from Bangkok, but sometimes the train takes more time. 😉 We took the train at 8.30 am so we arrived in Ayutthaya at 10 am, perfect to start the day trip. We just bought our tickets at the counter the morning itself, so it is very easy to do.




We visited some old temples with a tuk-tuk. Everything went very smooth, the drivers are very friendly and helpful. Thai people are so friendly, it really is the land of smiles! We visited the Wat Chai Watthanaram and the Wat Mahathat. The contrast between the old temples in Ayutthaya and the ones in Bangkok is very big. In Bangkok everything is clean and perfect, in Ayutthaya you can really see the old ruins. I loved visiting both and learning more about the Thai history. I think it so impressive to see the old capital of Siam within these ruins.




After these two temples we had lunch in Coffee Old City, a really charming café with good food and democratic prices. In the afternoon we visited the Wat Phra Si Sanphet and the Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon. These aren’t all the temples in Ayutthaya, but we were satisfied with the amount we visited at this point so we decided to take the train back, but that’s completely up to you because there are a lot of beautiful temples out there.



The setting and the vibe of Ayutthaya is so amazing, if you go to Bangkok I would really recommend going for a daytrip to this wonderful city!

The next day we went to Chiang Mai. But that’s for the next post!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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