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Hello everyone!

So today I decided to put together some travel tips and tricks for Cabo Verde. If you want to visit the islands some time, grab a seat and let’s dig in this travel guide!

Cabo Verde travel guide

Where to stay

We stayed in Sol Dunas hotel, a very amazing hotel that’s basically sharing its facilities with Mélia Dunas hotel. You can use both of these hotels’ facilities. We were very happy with this hotel so if you are looking for a nice place to stay, I really recommend this one. The hotel is very close to Santa Maria, the touristic village. The hotel offers a free shuttle service to the village, which is amazing. It is a 10 minute ride. The hotel has the perfect location to start discovering Sal Island.


As I said in my travel diary, we chose the Island Sal. We were a bit puzzled to choose our island in Cabo Verde because there is also Boa Vista. This is a bigger island, but it has less things to do and discover, so that’s why we went for Sal because we like to do some activities on our trip. If you want, it is still possible to discover Boa Vista when you stay in Sal, and also Santiago is possible to do for a day trip.

I think Sal is amazing for a week of vacation. If you go longer, you will have to add some trips to the other islands to still make it interesting. Unless if you are only interested in sunbathing, then this island is perfect for you. Everything is very close by, so basically you can see the entire island’s highlights in one day. Which is great actually, because the travel distances are minimal. No long bus rides needed! If you like action, there are some buggy tours and other activities to do as well. A catamaran is also an option if you like being at sea. If I stayed longer on the island, I would personally book the Boa Vista day trip and the Santiago day trip, to discover some more of these amazing island group.


Cabo Verde is an island group, so there’s a lot of fish on the island. Especially the tuna is amazing. It is so fresh and well-prepared, I really recommend trying this in a local restaurant. There are also fresh coconuts on the island. But basically, that’s it. The rest of the food is imported from Portugal, which is, as I said in my travel diary, the country Cabo Verde used to be dependent from. Once a week, a boat comes to the islands to supply them of food. There is a little bit of agriculture, but it is very limited.


A travel guide isn’t complete without some practical tips. Before you leave for Cabo Verde, it is recommended to get a few shots. It isn’t obliged so if you don’t get them, it won’t be a disaster, but doctors still recommend it. Hepatitis A and DTTP are the ones you should ask for at your doctor’s.

Cabo Verde is in the African continent, so you don’t pay with euros here, although most of the times they accept euros, because they live from tourism. If you want, you can get some Eskudos to pay with. I recommend getting them in the village or the hotel where you are. It is not necessary to get them from the airport.

The flight to Cabo Verde is about 5h30 long if you depart from Belgium. If you live in another European country, the flight times will be more or less the same. Maybe a bit longer, or maybe a bit shorter.

I really loved my visit to Cabo Verde, it is such a unique group of islands. I hope you got some tips and tricks from this travel guide. I would really recommend it for a sunny, one-week vacation!

See you next time! 

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