Travel diary // Lombok, Indonesia – A slippery waterfall adventure?

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Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago I posted my Gili Islands travel diary and as promised, here is my travel diary for the next destination we had in Indonesia, Lombok! This stunning green island was so different from Gili. We loved it there!

Day 1: Sengigi

We took a speedboat to Lombok and in about half an hour we arrived on this beautiful island. We explored our hotel, which was incredibly stunning and afterwards we went to the nearest city, called Sengigi. The beach here was so calm and we watched a beautiful sunset. Afterwards, we went to a typical Indonesian restaurant.

Day 2: Waterfall excitement

On this day we had a tour to discover Lombok. We went to several beautiful locations. First up was a local market. Lombok has very little tourism, so here you can see the typical Indonesian life. I was so interested to see all the local food being sold here.

Next up were the waterfalls. We visited two waterfalls and we had to overcome a big journey before getting there. That made everything so fun and unique to do. The first waterfall was so freaking cold! We weren’t really able to go in this one, but it was stunning because the water created rainbows in the air.

The second one was a big adventure. We had to walk through water and lots of slippery stones made the road very difficult. Almost everyone fell in the water at least once! It made it very fun though. We felt very satisfied when we arrived at the waterfall. It was hidden in the jungle. The water was still cold, but we jumped in. It was one of the nicest experiences I ever had!

After the waterfalls, we had lunch and we went to a very traditional Indonesian village. It was so interesting to see how different people live all over the world.

Day 2: Kuta

On this day we visited some beautiful beaches and villages. We started our day in a pottery. We were able to make our own little piece of art! This was so fun to do. Afterwards we went to another village that was specialised in weaving. They delivered stunning pieces of silk. Every village has its own specialty.

Next up was a very unique beach where little to no tourists came. We had the most stunning views. Afterwards we went to a traditional wood factory.

Day 3: goodbye Lombok

On this day we didn’t really do that much. We had to go to the harbor to get our ferry back to Bali. Our boat was delayed so we basically didn’t have that much time to do something once we arrived in Bali, because we had to be on our boat for two hours, and afterwards we had to drive two hours to Seminyak from the harbor of Padang Bai.

I really enjoyed my stay in Lombok. This Indonesian island has little tourism so everything is still so traditional. Nature is also so pretty here. We really felt at ease when visiting this island.

Stay tuned for a travel diary about Bali! 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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