Travel diary // Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands

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Hello everyone!

Finally this post is up! I am so excited to share my travel diary about the beautiful island Fuerteventura with you guys. I’ve been home for a while now, but there were a few other posts that I wanted to go up first. So here we go! 

First of all I want to say that the Canary Islands are such a beautiful group of islands. I’ve been to Tenerife before (read here), and I loved it over there. The islands are so special and different from any other islands I’ve visited before. The islands are volcanic and have the most breathtaking nature. Let me show you around Fuerteventura, the island of the wind.

This island is very popular with surfers, because of the constant wind there is. It has black beaches because of volcanic ashes. There are 82 sleeping volcano’s on the island. So magical to see!

Day 1 +2: traveling to Fuerteventura

We had our flight to Fuerteventura at noon so we didn’t really do that much on our first day. We arrived at around 6 PM in our hotel, so we just went for dinner in the hotel and took a walk in our neighbourhood. Our hotel was H10 Ocean Suites, a beautiful and excellent hotel in Correlejo, the village we were in. Corralejo has a lot of stores, bars, cafes and animation. At night, there was a lot of live music at the town square. The village has a harbor as well.

On our second day we strolled around the city and did some shopping in Corralejo. I got a few lovely items! (Haul will be up soon.) In the afternoon we relaxed a bit by the pool of our hotel.

Day 3: tropical vibes

On our third day we actually did the same thing as the day before (shame on us) but we were in the mood for some relaxation and tanning by the pool so that’s what we did. We took some time to enjoy the tropical vibes on Fuerteventura.

Day 4: Fuerteventura food & nature lovers

Today we had our first excursion. We decided to go for a jeepsafari because we wanted to see the beautiful nature of the island. We drove by some amazing volcanos and lookout points. I am more and more astonished by nature on every trip I go. We visited a deserted fisher’s village with a black beach. This black beach is made out of volcanic ashes. We walked by some cliffs and saw a lighthouse.

For our meal, we had a traditional Spanish meal: Paella. This dish consists of seafood like mussels, cockles, Gamba’s and rice. There is a lot of saffron in this dish. So delicious! This was accompanied by a typical Canarian dish: Papas arrugadas. You can translate this as wrinkled potatoes. These potatoes are cooked in the skin and are usually accompanied by Mojo Rojo sauces. The red sauce is spicy and the green one contains a lot of herbs. I really liked this meal.

Day 5: Cave climbing

Day 5 was another day filled with the typical Canarian culture. We went into the mountains of the island and saw some beautiful views. We learned more about the origination history of Fuerteventura. I was really intrigued by this history. Afterwards, we visited a goat farm. The goat is one of the national animals of the island. Goat cheese is very popular here. Although I am disgusted of this food, I enjoyed walking through the proces of making the cheese. We saw the goats and got to try the cheese. Lucky for me, we could also try the national drink of Fuerteventura: Ron miel. This is a rum infused with honey. A really sweet drink!

Then we went to Betancuria, the old capital of Fuerteventura. Do you know that the island changed capitals three times? First it was Betancuria, then it was La Oliva and then Puerto Del Rosario, the current capital. Then we were off to Ajuy, for me the highlight of the trip. Ajuy has a black beach and amazing blue sea. The contrast of these two is so beautiful. We climbed a cave in Ajuy. After walking and crawling, we arrived at the cuevas de Ajuy. The sea smashed into the cave with every wave, what made the visit even more spectacular. I loved it here!

Our meal that day was a very traditional, Canarian meal. There were the wrinkled potatoes, goat cheese, tomatoes, minced meat, toasts with tomato tapenade and more of these things. It was delicious. Afterwards, we visited a goat museum.

Day 6: Beach time

On this day we decided to go for some relaxing at the beach of Corralejo. This beach is actually a  nature’s reserve, miles and miles long. When you drive past this, it seems endless. To me it kinda looked like a desert. So special! The sand has a golden color and the water is a perfect blue: the perfect combination.

We did visit a local farmers market. Here, we looked at some local crafts of the people living on Fuerteventura.

Day 7: fresh fish

This was our last full day on Fuerteventura. We visited another local market and relaxed a bit by the pool today. For our final meal, we went to the village of Corralejo to have one final taste of the Canarian cuisine. We decided to go for some fish. Fishing is very important for Fuerteventura, as it is an island. We ate some delicious fresh fish. I can’t tell you enough how fresh it was, it was like an hour ago the fish was still swimming. We loved our meals here.

Day 8: Belgium is calling

Day 8 basically consisted of a whole day of traveling. We had a long ride to the airport of Fuerteventura and then we had our flight to Lanzarote, where we had to wait before we could go back to Belgium.

I really loved my visit to Fuerteventura. The Canarian islands are so special. The nature is unique, the food is really good and life in general is just really good there. I can definitely recommend visiting these beautiful islands!

What is your favorite island you’ve ever visited?

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me.

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14 thoughts on “Travel diary // Fuerteventura, The Canary Islands

  1. Wat een prachtige foto’s! Wij hebben deze zomer ook Fuerteventura bezocht en waren op een andere plek op het eiland. Heerlijk om het zo weer even terug te zien!

    1. I think there are some decent three stars hotels in the villages that are very good! We stayed at H10 Ocean Suites, a 4 star hotel 🙂

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