Travel diary // Budapest, Hungary

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Hello everyone!

Last week I got back from Budapest, Hungary and I really want to share my beautiful experiences I had in this country with you guys. Here’s what I did throughout the week! 

So the city of Budapest is built around the Danube river. At one side, you have the Buda side, and at the other there is the Pest side. In Hungary people pay with Forint, which is very funny because it seems like everything you buy is super expensive. 1 euro is around 310 Forint.

Want to drink soda in Budapest? Better think twice!

On our first full day we visited the Buda Castle with a funicular and strolled around a bit on the domain of this beautiful castle. Afterwards, we went for lunch and sat by the beautiful river, the Danube. It was so nice out there with the sun on our faces.

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We also went for some homemade lemonades. Did you know that almost every café in Budapest has a selection of homemade lemonades on their menus? It was heaven! So much more refreshing and healthy than Fanta or Coca Cola. At night, we decided to visit the ruin pub Instant. This was in the party district. We had a really fun night!

Medieval Sunday

On Sunday we didn’t really do that much. We decided to go to one of the famous spa’s in Budapest. The city is known for its spa’s and pools, so we had to try that out. We spend our afternoon by the pool of Szechenyi and enjoyed the warm water.

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After our spa day, we visited the Heroes Square, very close to Szechenyi. We saw some breathtaking statues and learned more about the Hungarian history. We also went for a walk in the park of Vajdahunyad Castle. A medieval castle that made a very magical impression on me. Afterwards, we went for some delicious dinner.

Breathtaking Monday

On Monday, we had our first interviews for our school project about Hungary, but we also visited the Hungarian Parliament. This building is so breathtaking! It is so big and beautiful, as well as its surroundings. We strolled around in the city for a while because it is literally such a beautiful and vibrant city. At night, we decided to work a bit on our project.


Hungarian Parliament.

Beautiful Tuesday

On Tuesday we had another interview for our project. Before our project, we decided to visit the Fishermen’s Bastion, a stunning building with the most beautifully decorated roof. This was a beautiful look-out point over the city. Of course, we had some homemade lemonades! After that, we took the boat to the other side of the river, to change it up for this matter. You can choose to cross the river by taking the metro or one of the bridges, but this time we decided to go for a boat.

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We saw the shoes on the quay of the Danube river, a monument for the jews shot in the river during the second world war. Then we had our interview and had some lunch. We saw the beautiful St. Stefanus basilica and then we went into the shopping district. What did you think, three girls in a new city but they didn’t shop? Wrong! I went into Douglas and bought one of the Smashbox Palettes, so stay tuned for a review coming up on that! Our night consisted of working on our Hungary project.

Tasty Wednesday

On Wednesday we had two other interviews for our project and did some other work in the city that we had to do for our assignment. In the afternoon, we went to visit the Géllert hill. This hill is the highest point of the city. We had to climb this all the way up, but the view was so worth it. We had a breathtaking view over the city of Budapest, and we fell in love with Hungary all over again.

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We also visited the Central Market Hall, a big indoor market where Hungarians come to get their fresh products. This was very interesting, because we got to know some of Hungary’s most loved products, like paprika, Palinka (a very strong alcoholic drink), goose liver and meat, lots and lots of meat. At night, we worked on the project.

Magical Thursday

Thursday was a working day. After all, we were in Hungary to work in the first place, so that was what we did on this day. We didn’t really do anything in particular today. Late afternoon, we decided to change up our workplace for a while. We switched our apartments for the oldest ruin pub in the city, Szimplakert. This ruin pub is so special. You can sit everywhere in the courtyard and enjoy some refreshing sprinklers and some tasty drinks. The place was decorated very cosy and original. We ate dinner at a food truck festival that was hosted in the city.

The Hungarian Parliament during our magical cruise.

At night, we did a magical cruise on the Danube. I really felt like queen Sissy this evening. Every building was lit up very beautifully and there were a lot of musicians on our cruise, playing the most romantic songs I know. We drank champagne, and all of sudden I felt like I was in Austria-Hungary during the 1870’s.

Paprika Friday

On Friday we also had a long day of working ahead of us. For our last evening, we decided to go for dinner and I finally tasted one of Hungary’s national dishes: Paprikash. This dish consist of a chicken leg and a spicy paprika sauce. Paprika is one of Hungary’s most used products. It were the Turks that brought it to the country during the Ottoman era. At night, we decided to get some drinks.

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Bye Budapest

On Saturday it was time for us to leave Hungary again. We completed our work and took our plane, back to Belgium! 

Where are you going to travel next?

See you next time!

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me.

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31 thoughts on “Travel diary // Budapest, Hungary

  1. I have never been to Budapest, but love to go. Looks like you had a great time looking at your pictures. I will be going to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Sophia this summer

  2. Ik vond Budapest echt super. Geweldig om te shoppen en op straat was het net een catwalk met al die mooie vrouwen die super geweldig gekleed waren

  3. Oh, Budapest brings back good memories. <3 Budapest is echt een prachtige stad en als ik je foto's zo zie dan heb ik helemaal zin om weer terug te gaan naar de stad waar ik sinds klein meisje al kom met mijn opa, oma, vader en moeder.

  4. Oh sounds like you had a fab trip & a great time out there! I wish to travel there one day 🙂 hopefully I will 🙂

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