The Sweet Smell of Christmas

The Sweet Smell of Christmas // Too Faced liquid lipstick collection

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Hello everyone!

How are you doing? Did you have a cosy Christmas time? I sure did! Can’t wait until New Years Eve. At the beginning of this month I bought The Sweet Smell of Christmas Liquid Lipsticks by Too Faced. They are just too amazing to not share it with you all! Let’s all discover… The Sweet Smell of Christmas.

When I saw these liquid lipsticks, I just lost it. Too Faced is my favorite makeup brand, because of their great quality and outstanding packages. I am also a big Christmas fan so I just needed this. These four liquid lipsticks all have a Christmassy packaging, tint, name and smell.


Sugar Cookie

Sugar Cookie is a light grey nude that smells just like Christmas cookies. It also has a sweet taste to it. The packaging has different cookies on them with several different icing patterns.



Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice is a dark, reddish brown color. It smells just like pumpkin spice! The cap has a lovely pumpkin pie design on it.



Cinnamon Bear

This color is a perfect Christmas red color, so it was amazing to wear during the holiday season. It smells just like cinnamon. The cap has some very cute red bears on them. They look like little gummy bears.

Hot Buttered Rum

This lipstick is in a brown nude color. It is kind of a blend between Sugar Cookie and Pumpkin Spice: a little darker than the first one, and a little less reddish than the latter. The design has a very cool beer drink pattern on it.

All of the shades have the same great Too Faced quality. The shades apply evenly and easy on the lips. The pigmentation is also amazing.



They are longwearing and survive a couple of drinks and even a meal. I wouldn’t say they have outstanding longwearing capacities, but they perform very good. I was very happy to have these babies in the holiday season and I will continue to wear them for a long time.

What is your ultimate holiday lippie?

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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