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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is another tag, because I got tagged for the phone tag by the lovely Stacey from ABC! Thank you so much for tagging me because it always means a lot when someone tags me. I am thrilled to answer the questions, so if you want to know what I have to say, continue reading! 

The rules

  • Mention the person who tagged you: Stacey
  • Answer the questions
  • Nominate 5 other bloggers

The questions

What phone do you have at this moment? Are you happy with it?

I have the iPhone 5, just the regular one. I am very pleased with this phone, as I have it for 4 years by now. I got it when it got released. It was my first ever smartphone and I can tell you I will never buy another brand.


As I hear stories from other people that have other phones, I am happy to have this one. It works perfectly all the time. I am a true Apple geek. I have every device from them and I am very satisfied by the quality!

The battery is a min, but I think every smartphone has a weak battery. The phone is getting old, so as you’ve heard the stories, Apple slows their older models when new ones come out. I have the same issue. Sometimes I have some problems with it but I will continue to use it until he is really broken. The reason for that is that Apple products are very expensive so I want to get the most out of it!

What case do you have?

I have a clear case, so you can see the Applesign on the back of the phone. The border is a dark brown. It protects the borders, because I do not want a case that hasn’t got any borders! I would crack the screen I guess. Now, after 4 years, I do not have one single crack!

Shout out for a Belgian phone!

How much do you go on your phone per day?

Waaaaay to much. I can say I am addicted to go on my phone really. Sometimes I really have to put it away because it is a temptation to go on it, haha!

What do you have as a background?

On my lockscreen I have a collage of two pictures (wow!). It are my friends, because they mean so much to me. They can cheer me up when I am feeling down and we have a lot of fun. I see them a lot and we do the most fun things.

The girl on the pictures down is my best friend. I am so lucky to have her. We are a dream team!

On my startscreen I have a cheesy quote. It says: “Work hard, dream big.” I just thinks it looks pretty and sofisticated. Also, it helps me motivate to achieve my goals.

Would you rather lose all your photos or never being able to take pictures with your friends again?

I would go with the first one, because I have several back-ups of my photos on my computer, haha! So I am not really losing them.

Do you edit your photos?

For my blog, I never edit a bit out of my photos because I think it doesn’t look true anymore. Especially with products or colors of clothes, because you would cheat on your readers by doing that I guess. For Instagram or Facebook, I do edit my photos a bit. I adjust the lightning and contrast, add some filter or sometimes I crop something out of the picture. If necessary, I edit the sharpness of the picture. I use the app Photowonder for doing that!

Another shout out to my Dutch speaking followers!
Another shout out to my Dutch speaking followers!

What’s your favorite and most used app?

Tricky question, because I go on a lot of apps, haha! I think I have to go with Swarm. You can check in on every place you go to and make new check-ins.

I love it because you get points for doing it and there is a ranking for you and all your friends!

You can unlock stickers and all the good stuff. I simply just love knowing where my friends are as well.

If you could only download 3 apps, what would they be?

I would go with Swarm, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. The other ones are compatible with your computer so I could just go on them on my laptop!

What is the last text you got? 

I am not going to spill the details on here, but it was from my best friend thats has some troubles right now. It is personal, so I am not going to tell the exact thing she said. I hope you don’t mind! 

If you could buy a new phone, what would it be?

Definitely an iPhone. I am so hooked on Apple products, I do not want anything else! I am thinking about getting the iPhone 7 when it comes out, so I would go with that one!

The nominees

Cheating a bit here, but I am actually nominating everyone that reads this, no excuse! I am not going to nominate bloggers in specific because I was tagged for something else recently as well so I would spam them, haha! But I want to nominate YOU. Well, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and fill in!

That was it for today guys, I hope you smiled whilst reading this and got to know me a little bit better. Let’s chat in the comments! And, fill in the tag! Also, do not forget to follow me on the links I included for Instagram en Facebook! 

See you next time!

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa 

Disclaimers: Pictures are all mine. 



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