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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is all about them brows. Brows became a very important thing in my routine a year or something more ago. Before, I didn’t really care about it, until I tested out some brow products and I saw that it really made a difference. In Portugal I went to Sephora and the lady recommended me this Kabrow! product by Benefit. Want to know what I think of it? 

The packaging

It is a very beautiful and unique packaging. It is sleek and I also think it is handy when you want to travel. It comes with a brush you can actually use and a pot of product. You don’t have to bring other stuff with you, which is handy for me because I travel a lot and when school starts again in a week, I will be traveling to the student house every week so taking stuff like this with me is very handy. The brush also works and isn’t something shitty you can’t use. I am satisfied with the way the product looks.


What does it promise?

I got the shade 02-Light. On the website of Benefit they say that the product contains rich, buildable color that easily fills and sculpts your brows. You can build it up from natural to dramatic. The product should last 24 hours. Let’s see if this is true!


Overall view

Overall, I am satisfied with the use of this product. It is indeed easy to use. The lady at Sephora convinced me the product was fast and easy. Easy it is, but I wouldn’t say it is fast. A quick brow gel will always be faster than this. If you want to fill in your brows when you have a bit more time, this is the thing you will need. I always use the brush it comes with. I do have to say that the product isn’t rich or a creamy gel as they promise. I think it is a bit of a hard gel and you have to dip in the brush a few times before there is color pay-off on your brow. I hope the product doesn’t become harder when it gets older. The color I got matches me perfectly and it lasts for the entire day as well.


Quick and short

+ Easy to use when you are a beginner
+ Complete color range
+ Effective and high-quality brush it comes with
+ Beautiful packaging
+ Handy for traveling
+ Long lasting

– Product feels very hard
– You have to dip a lot of times in the pot before it works
– Takes a long time to apply
– Expensive


I can recommend this product to everyone who wants to spend some time on their eyebrows. There is a big variety in colors so I guess everyone will find their choice in this.

Silly face incoming. I have applied the product to both my brows.
Silly face incoming. I have applied the product to the brow on the left.

The verdict

It is good to excellent product. It is high-quality and has a good color pay-off when you dip the product multiple times. It takes some time to apply but the result is amazing. My brows look good and filled in. Definitely give this a go!

That was it for today everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading.

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money and these are my honest opinions. Pictures are all mine. Please note that I am not a professional. 


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