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Hello everyone!

I’ve been away on my blog for a little bit more than over a week now and that is because I was on vacation in Fuerteventura. Maybe you have seen some of my pictures on Instagram! I decided to not write posts in advance to schedule while I was away because then I would still need to make publicity for my posts. Do not get my wrong, I absolutely LOVE doing that, but vacation is vacation for me and I wouldn’t be able to make enough publicity for the posts. I want to make sure my posts are actually read and from good quality, so that’s why there was no post! On to todays post: a review of the Tarte Amazonian Clay powder foundation.  


I absolutely love Tarte’s makeup products. I love how they are natural and cruelty free. This philosophy is important to me, I wish all of my favorite brands were like this. The packaging of the Amazonian Clay Foundation by Tarte is very pretty. I love how the lid has a kind of wooden look to it with some g detailing on it. When you open it up, you can see a little net. When you bounce on this net with a brush, some product comes out. This is a very convenient system.

What it does

The Tarte product claims to be waterproof and lasts for 12 hours. It is vegan  and it has lots and lots of rave reviews on the internet. It gives your skin a natural finish and a natural coverage, to make you look radiant. It gives your skin a healthy, glowing look.

The Morphe brush I like to use for this product. It is a kind of buffing brush.

My opinion

This product really gives your face an airbrushed look. It makes my skin look very soft and my pores look so smooth. It looks as my skin has had some photoshop, but it really isn’t! It is very lightweight and also buildable. If you want some more coverage, you can always add some more. I find the system with the net very handy and simple to use. You don’t need that much product as well. One dip in the product is good to cover one cheek.

I do have to say that I like to use it as a setting powder on top of my foundation. When I do this, I make sure I use very little foundation of course, because I don’t want to pack on the product or make my skin look cakey. As you can see, my skin is very uneven and it has lots of flaws, so to me the foundation is too light coverage for my skin.

My skin without any makeup on.

I have worn it without anything else as well, when I can’t be bothered or when I don’t want to wear heavy makeup. It is great. It makes your skin look so good!

The results

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Quick and short


+Airbrush finish
+ Beautiful packaging
+ Convenient system to get to the powder
+ Lasts for a long time
+Natural look
+ Soft on the skin
+Vegan and natural products
+Cruelty free
+A little bit goes a long way


– High price
– Light coverage (for me)
– Not suitable for traveling

The net system.


I would recommend this to people that love a light coverage on their skin. If you love natural and light makeup, this is the Tarte product for you.  If you love an airbrush finish on your skin after foundation, I would definitely recommend to try this as your setting powder. It is very easy to use, so beginners could use this product as well.

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me.

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  1. Fijne review, maar voor mij persoonlijk iets te weinig dekking. Ben zelf wel erg benieuwd naar tarte shape tape. Heb je die al eens getest?

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