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Hello everyone!

Todays post will be a review about the Hourglass Ambient Lightning palette. This limited edition palette features five stunning shades to give your face some extra color. Continue reading to find out more! 


The packaging is simply stunning. I love the marble print on it. It is simple, but it looks so sophisticated and classy. It makes every picture look great. It is a hard plastic packaging, so the shades will not shatter when you take the palette with you. Well done Hourglass!


The large shade, surreal light on the left side is supposed to be used as a powder. It is a sheer nude powder evoking the magic hour of perfect lighting where the sun brings the softest, most flattering glow to the complexion. 

The bronzer shade is called Surreal bronze light. It is a neutral tan shade fused with Surreal Light, a translucent beige powder, for a subtle, natural warmth.

The bronzy, rosy shade is called Surreal glow. It is a pale peony pink blush mixed with Surreal Light for a delicate flush. 

The blush shade is called Surreal effect. It is a cool, pink rose fused with a soft, warm peach for a pop of flattering color. 

The highlight shade is called Surreal Strobe light. It is a glimmering peach powder imparting an alluring highlight. 

Overall, the palette promises to give you everything you need to finish, brighten, contour and highlight your skin in a single compact. Formulated with Photoluminescent Technology to capture, diffuse and soften surrounding light to refine the appearance of the skin. All products are universally flattering and deliver a multidimensional luminescence to every skin tone, making it appear softer, younger and lit-from-within. Designed to be layered and work together seamlessly to imbue the entire complexion with an otherworldly glow. (Hourglasscosmetics.com)

The palette promises to make your skin look perfect. Time to test it out!


The shades look really pretty. I really like the pink blush because it has the most pigmentation. The highlighter is very subtle, but pretty on the skin. The bronzer is also very good, especially when you’re into a soft bronzed look. The bronze-blush and powder are my least favorite because they don’t show up that good on the skin. I do not really notice a difference in my skin when I use the powder as well.

Overall, I am very happy with this palette. It is a real beauty. I love three shades already, and I might have to play around and experiment a bit more with the two others. I might start to like them a bit more. I also notice that the shades have a lot of fall out when I use them. Not necessarily on the skin, but in the pan itself. I can’t stand it when little specks of powder are loose in the pan or even worse, transfer onto the other colors. That’s a real minus.

Pro’s and cons

+Beautiful packaging
+ Stunning shades
+ Collector’s item
+ Handy compact
+ Steady for traveling
+ All you need for your face is in here
+ Blush, bronzer and highlighter are very pigmented

– Powder and transition shade are not very pigmented
– Lots of fall out
– Expensive

I like the shades and I will reach for this palette a lot, especially when I want my skin to look amazing. I rate this product a 7/10.

That was it for today everyone! Have you tried this palette before? 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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