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Hello everyone!

Today I have a very special post for you guys. In Belgium we have had amazing weather last week. It made me long even more to the warm summer days spent in bikini. I have a big bikini obsession, every year I buy at least one new one. So I decided to share with you some of this swimwear trends! 

Polka dots

The pattern for this year’s swimwear has to be polka dots. Polka dots are never really out of style and they return basically everywhere in one way or another. This year: swimwear! I love the retro vibe it gives to swimwear, especially when the bottom is high-waisted. Combined with rounded sunglasses and maybe a stylish bandana this trend sets us back to the sixties. Love it!



A new style this year are the one-shoulder bikini’s. I see them coming up a lot on the runway as well as in stores. I love the diversity it gives to our already existing swimwear collection. Time to switch it up!


A few years back we swore we would never wear a one-piece again but the last few years they are in style again. High-fashion Instagrammers and fashion-minded women are embracing the one-piece again. Lots of straps and cut-outs make the one-piece very hot again, and very interesting to look at.

Via Hunkemöller.
Via Hunkemöller.

Strappy suits

This trend has been going on for a few years but I feel like this year will be the highlight. Tops as well as the bottoms are very strappy in 2018. Straps below the breasts are in style, but you can never do wrong with straps above the breasts as well. Personally I am not really a fan of this trend because all the straps give you so much tan lines when you are out in the sun. But that’s just personal preference!


I see a lot of sporty styles this year as well. A lot of bikini’s have a kind of sports bra style this year. I think this looks really cool, and it is perfect to tie in with the healthy lifestyle trend. The trend is available in lots of colors and styles. I think it is really worth a try!


After doing my research I really felt like I needed a new bikini (like who doesn’t, literally every year?) and Hunkemöller has everything I’ve been looking for. They have various styles and they don’t leave any of these new trends behind. Go ahead and take a look at their swimwear styles.

My personal favorite from their website is this one. I love a colorful print on my swimwear because it makes me happy and feel very summery.

Via Hunkemöller.

That was it for today everyone! What’s your favorite trend?

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: This blogpost is a paid partnership with Hunkemöller. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s aren’t mine, a credit is always mentioned. 

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