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Beach waves // My summer hair in two easy steps

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Hello everyone!

Recently I’ve gotten some questions about how I achieve the light curly hair I do sometimes. So I decided to share my summer hair routine with you!

My summer hair routine

The routine is actually very simple and fast. As you know, my hair is naturally straight and quite flat. This is how I get my summer hair.

Step 1: the night before

I wash my hair with my regular products. I’ve written about my favorite products here. I let it air dry and afterwards I divide my hair into two sections and braid them each. So each side of my head has a braid. I just go to bed wearing these.

Tip: make sure your hair is dry because I tend to feel that braiding it when it is still wet isn’t as good for the curls. Sometimes your hair stays wet in the braids as well so the curls won’t look as good.

Step 2: In the morning

I undo the braids and brush them out with my fingers. Now I have some loose, beachy waves in my hair. To get some extra volume I use the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray. It is a salt spray, created to give you beach waves. I bow my head down and spray it generously all throughout my hair while crunching it upwards. I also put an amount of the product in my hands and scrunch it like that. After doing that I spray a little bit more while standing normally, and scrunching it on both sides.

As you can read I use a lot of this product because it really helps me to maintain the curls throughout the day. It gives my hair some more volume and structure and it gives me summer vibes.

Are you going to try out this way of creating beachy waves? 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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