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Hello everyone!

I am so excited for this post! Two weeks ago I made an order at the Zalon service by Zalando. A friend of mine sent me an invite to try this out, and after a talk with her I was sure, I had to try this out. Curious about my experience? Let’s go! 

What is Zalon?

Zalon is a styling service by the online shopping brand Zalando. Zalando is very popular here in Belgium and has lots of clothing-, shoe- and accessory brands. A stylist from Zalon styles two outfits (and one additional, formal one) for you and sends it to your home for you to try out. You only pay for the clothing pieces you want.

The first thing you have to do is sign up and give a lot of information about your style and sizes at the website of Zalon. You have to choose a price range, some brands you like, your sizes, age and some photos of yourself. You also have to answer some other questions about your style, so the stylists know what outfits you may like.

After that, you choose a stylist. Zalon has 6 stylists and you can choose the one that you feel fits your style the most. The next day, your stylist will call you for a quick check-up on your style. You talk about the clothing pieces you want, what things you don’t like, and some other things so the stylist knows exactly what you want.

The next step is the preview. Your stylist creates three outfits for you and you’ll get a preview sent in by mail. You can give your stylist feedback so he or she can find substitute pieces to the ones you don’t like.

And the next step is… A big package! I was so excited to get my package and it looked so huge. I tried on all the pieces and decided which ones I wanted to keep. Afterwards, you pay for the clothing you keep, and the ones you don’t want can be returned free.

A new summer wardrobe

I wanted to try Zalon to get some new outfits for my summer wardrobe. Also, I was very curious about the style the stylist would came up with for me. I decided to go for stylist Viola. She was very enthusiast and sweet when I talked to her on the phone. She picked out some very cute pieces for me.

This is what the box looked like. I also got a little folder with some buying information.

I decided to show you all the clothing I got in my box. These are the pieces I decided not to keep. I put them up on a coat rack because I felt like they don’t look the best on me.


And now it is time for the fun part! These are the outfits I kept.

By Dorothy Perkins. Shoes: Les Tropèziennes.
Pants: River Island. Top: New Look.


Top: River Island.

What is my opinion about Zalon?

I am very happy with all the things I kept! Zalon works very efficiently and fast. There’s nothing about the service I would change. They are very thorough in choosing the items before sending you things. I would recommend Zalon to everyone looking for some styling advice, or some new items in your wardrobe.

Have you ever been styled by a stylist? 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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