Shopping in Prague // What did I buy?

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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is all about the things I bought when I was in the cool kids-city Prague. I got a lot of clothing but also makeup, so I decided to share it with you all today. Hope you’ll enjoy! 

Let’s start off with my proudest buy of the whole trip, this fashionable veste by Bershka. It is a soft grey-white veste with soft wool on the inside and a lot of detailing. I love it so much. It looks cool and it gives your look a fashionable feel. I am so in love with it and will be wearing it loads when the weather starts warming up a little bit!

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Next up is this grey metallic skirt, also by Bershka. To me this is another fashionable item. I love the metallic finish and the zippers on it. I feel very cool wearing it. I am in love!

This jumpsuit (yes, jumpsuit!) by Stradivarius is the perfect fit for a winter formal evening. It isn’t noticeable that it is a jumpsuit because it is so flowy around the pants. I was looking for a khaki color like this for months. I was so happy when I found it! I will definitely wear this one a lot of times.

At New Yorker I got this warm and cosy grey sweater. I love the quote on the sweater. It is a regular, warm sweater with a cute look. In Belgium and of course in the Czech Republic sweaters like these are very useful in winter season.

Onto the makeup section! I went into the NYX-store to pick up some of my favorites because this is my favorite brand, and I love these products so much. I got the Wonderstick in the shade universal. It contains a highlighter and a contouring stick.

I also got two ‘Lip of the day’ Liquid liptints. They are in the shade Python and Gem. I am not planning on wearing them on my lips because that’s just a little too weird for me. They aren’t comfortable on the lips either. I want to wear them as eyeliners, because NYX is so great with its liquid color eyeliners. I am planning on getting Kinetic and Taboo as well. Is there a week I don’t go to the NYX store? I am addicted. Lucky the products aren’t expensive!

I got the Buttergloss in the color Crème Brulée. This is a light pink glossy lip color. I love it for everyday wear.

Last thing I got at NYX was the Brow Tint. I really wanted to try a product like this so why not try it from my favorite brand?

Up next was Douglas, a store that carries a lot of brands like Smashbox, Bobbi Brown, Inglot and more. I wanted to try out the Douglas brand itself. (Also because the other ones would hurt my wallet.) I got this Blush and lips color. It felt so cool when I swatched it! It is a great blush color and a highlight for the lips.

At MAC I got the famous Melon pigment. I wanted to try this for ages (literally years) but they never got it in Belgium. It caught my eye in Prague so I had to get it and I love the color!

I also got the Strobe cream in Pinklite. The product gets a lot of rave reviews so I had to test it!

Lastly, I also got some booties at New Yorker. I was looking for black booties for a long time and these ones immediately caught my eye. They have some silver studs on them and I love these details. I already wore them and I feel so chic with them!

Want me to do a review of some of the products mentioned? Let me know!

Your Belgian blogger, xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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  1. Ik ben nu al sinds de solden op zoek naar zwarte booties en vind er geen. Zo te zien zal ik ook eens naar Praag moeten afreizen !!!

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