Rompers and flowers // update your summer closet!

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Hello everyone!

I am so happy the Belgian weather is treating us very well the last few days. We have had 20 degrees Celsius for the last couple of days and the upcoming days we will even have 30 degrees celsius! In Belgium this weather is very exceptional in May, so let’s enjoy it with some new, summer-proof outfits. 


Romper mania

“Mom, I need to get some playsuits!”

Playsuits are all over the place this season. Basically it is everything we will be wearing this summer. I adore playsuits in every style, color and print so I am very happy with this trend. I picked out some of my favorites.

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Loose and flowy

“Let the air breeze through you”

A lot of summer fashion this season is very loose, flowy and comfortable to sit in. No more tight clothing, just let everything go!

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Happy prints

“Instant happiness was created with this outfits”

This trend is by far my favorite. Summer clothing this year is decorated with the most funny prints. Think: palm trees, flamingo’s, pineapples,… I am obsessed with this trend. And in love. So in love all of the pictures just NEEDED a separate caption.

Who doesn’t get all summery and happy when seeing or wearing this? It looks so bright and colorful, I just need my summer cocktail and I am good to go. Via, Pinterest


Is it appropriate to use this sentence? I CAN’T EVEN. How adorable and cute is this? I guess I just got myself a pineapple addiction. Via, Pinterest


SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. Gold and palmtrees, is there anything better? Via The Surfing, Pinterest


Saved the best for last! Flamingos. Flamingos. Flamingos. Flamingos. Did I already say it has flamingos all over it? FLAMINGOS!!! Via Liketoknowit, Pinterest

I already stocked up on my playsuits and flowy items and I recently got a pineapple t-shirt and a palm tree t-shirt and shorts as well. I am on the hunt for something with a flamingo as well because I MEAN COME ON. It is so cute. Do you like my style? Go ahead and follow my Pinterest account!

Do you like these outfits? Are you going to get something inspired by these trends? Let me know in the comments? 

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own and pictures are from Pinterest or copyright-free websites.

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23 thoughts on “Rompers and flowers // update your summer closet!

  1. Niet alleen in Belgie hoor 🙂 In Nederland mogen we ook niet klagen. En als ik zo een figuurtje had, trok ik dit soort prachtige outfits ook aan. Keep inspiring me!

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