It’s a magical winter wonderland // Oslo, Norway travel diary

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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is all about my recent trip to Oslo, Norway. I had lots of fun in this amazing country. Let’s see what I did over there!

Day 1: Hello Oslo!

I ended my Denmark travel diary saying that we went on a ferry to Oslo. So that’s how I will start this travel diary. We woke up around 8 am sailing into the stunning Norwegian fjords. We literally had breakfast whilst looking at them. This was such an amazing experience for me. I will not forget it for a long time! The fjords were covered in snow, and as we went up to the upper deck it started snowing a little bit as well. From that moment on, we knew we sailed right into a winter wonderland landscape.

Our gigantic ferry!

We started our trip here by walking around a little bit and going to our apartment. The first place we visited were the Vigeland Parken, a beautiful and big park in the center of Oslo. The park was completely covered in snow. It is known for the big number of statues all throughout the park.

Vigeland Parken.

Day 2: History of Norway

On our second day we decided to jump right into the history of the country. We went to the Vikingschip Museet, a museum all about the Viking history. How we were fascinated by this history. Both me and my boyfriend are currently addicted to a series called Vikings, about this history, so it intrigued us even more. Look at these enormous ships! What a time it must have been.

Vikingschip Museet.

Afterwards we went to the open air museum of Norway. It is build in the same philosophy of the one I told you about in Aarhus, but in Norway. It is very different from the one in Aarhus. I really enjoyed looking at all the traditional houses in Norway, throughout the different era.

Open air museum of Oslo. (I wasn’t able to turn this image the right way, my editor said it was already turned the right way.)

Next up was the port of Oslo, we walked around the port looking at all the ships. We really enjoyed this view. After that, we went to Akershus. This is a fort next to the port. The view we had up here was really incredible. We also saw the city hall, as well as the Dom of Oslo.

Port of Oslo.

The last thing for this day was the royal palace of Oslo. We saw the palace where the king of Norway currently resides.

Oslo City Hall.
Royal Palace of Oslo.

Day 3: Holmenkollen

On our third day in Oslo we did the most fun thing in my opinion. We took the train to Holmenkollen, a place more in the northern side of Oslo. It was amazing to see how many snow was here, in comparison to the city. The whole landscape was covered. I felt like I was in a fairytale. We visited a big ski-jump here and went to the museum where we learned a lot of Norway’s ski history. Babies are basically barely even born when they are already skiing!

The ski-paradise called Holmenkollen.
The gigantic ski-jump in Holmenkollen.
Norwegian landscape, so breathtaking!

I’ve never seen such a snow landscape in my life before, so this was an amazing experience for me.

The beautiful Norwegian houses.


Stunning view in Holmenkollen

Day 4: Home

Today it was time for us to go home after a week of exploring two beautiful Scandinavian countries. What a beautiful experience!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “It’s a magical winter wonderland // Oslo, Norway travel diary

  1. Mooie foto’s van Oslo. Zo kunnen we ook genieten van de prachtige uitzichten en jullie uitstappen naar de bezienswaardigheden. 🙂

  2. Weer een mooie herinnering erbij. Ook al verlang ik zo naar de lente toch zien die foto’s met die mooie witte sneeuw en zon er fantastisch uit !!!

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