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Hello everyone!

How are you guys doing? Let me know! Today I am reviewing the Inglot translucent powder. It is the first time I got something from this brand, so let’s go! 

I heard a lot from the brand through some beautyvloggers I follow on Youtube so I was very excited when I saw the brand popping up in a shopping centre I was at in Lisbon. I wasn’t really overwhelmed when I saw the collection. The packaging of the brand isn’t very flashy and their products aren’t that innovative. I guess they save money on marketing.

I was very interested though in their loose powder products. They have loose eyeshadow pigments and lots of face powders like highlighters, setting powder, foundations, bronzers, blushes and contouring powders. I decided to go for a translucent powder for my under eyes. I never tried a banana powder before, so this was my turn!

What does it promise?

The packaging is very simple yet sleek. There isn’t much to say about the packaging because it is very simple. The product promises to set your face without getting into fine lines or large pores. It covers red spots, little flaws and dark circles. It is very natural and has a very fine texture. Because of this texture it is very suitable for under eye setting. Thanks to the light reflecting particles in this product, the skin will look healthy and glowing.


The packaging of this product is very simple, yet sleek. There isn’t much to say about it because it hasn’t a special design. It is just clear, with a black lid and white lettering. The only thing annoying about this product is the little sponge it comes with. I don’t like to use sponges like this because I am more of a brush or ‘beauty blender knock off’ lady. It gets in the way as well because of the powder coming through. This results in a dirty sponge, soaking up some of the product. Annoying!


I really like this product as my under eye setting powder. It is a very light banana powder, perfect for my skin tone. It brightens up my face when I use it and I look very well-rested. It makes such a difference when I use it or when I don’t. My eyeshadow looks much more clean and it looks like I did my makeup more careful. It is an amazing product.

It does not leave you with a glow, because it is just a translucent powder. I don’t find that annoying because I have my other products for that. It also doesn’t have a high coverage rate to cover spots as it says on the website, but I have a very severe and imperfect skin so maybe for those blessed with babyskin will say otherwise. It isn’t annoying as well because it is translucent, it isn’t supposed to be my concealer, highlighter or powder foundation. It does the job it has to do, and I am grateful for that.

It isn’t drying or cakey on the face. It is very light and also very suitable for baking. I did it before and it left me with a good amount make-up on my face. I am a fan, it is a must-try!

Quick and short

+ Fine texture
+ Doesn’t get in your pores or fine lines
+ Perfect banana shade
+ Brightens up your face
+ doesn’t leave you with a cakey face
+ Suitable for baking
+ Not drying
+ Makes your makeup look perfect

-Not suitable for traveling
-Powder sometimes comes out if you are not careful
-Annoying make-up sponge

I recommend this product to everyone! It is very good for brightening up your under eyes and setting your makeup. It is also great for dry skin, but of course you shouldn’t use too much.

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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