My haircare routine // damage repair

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Hello everyone!

In this post I’ll tell you all about my haircare routine. I don’t use a huge load of expensive products, but my hair is healthy so I decided to share it with you all


For my shampoo I use Syoss. This brand isn’t extremely expensive, but it isn’t very cheap as well.  I chose it because it doesn’t contain that much of bad ingredients cheaper, much perfumed products have. I have the Repair Therapy line because when my hair was very long, it used to be very damaged. It was so thin and filled with split-ends that I had to find something like this.

I still use it because I feel that it really helps my hair. Last year I chopped more than 20 cm of my hair and from that moment on, I wanted to take care of my new healthy hair.


I also use the Repair Therapy conditioner from this line. It really closes the shells of my hair, and it feels very soft when I put it on. I leave it in for a few minutes before washing it off.

Hair oil

After washing my hair and drying it a little bit with a towel, I use Redken’s Diamond Oil. This product is indeed expensive, but I got it from my work. Something about perks…? It really nourishes and hydrates my hair after showering, so that it can dry in a good, healthy way.

Hair mask

Every once in a while I use this mask: Kérastase Ultime Elixir. This is a very thick, rich cream to deeply hydrate my hair. I use it after laying in the sun or when I used heat on my hair, which I tend to avoid a little bit. The product looks very oily and the smell is also very rich. I love to use this every once in a while to deeply treat my hair.

What are you using on your hair? I love to test out new products, so let me know!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. These are my own pictures. All opinions are my own.

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