Full on glitter glam // My new years eve look

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Hello everyone!

Happy 2017! Did you party all night on New Years Eve? I sure did! I had a great night, and a great night needs a dazzling makeup look! So that’s what I did for this post. I decided to change it up this time and film my makeup routine! I finally felt quite comfortable enough to put myself in front of a camera. It is still very basic, because I do not feel confident enough to be on Youtube. I hope you enjoy it and love the idea of these simple tutorials! 

The tutorial

The video is still very basic, so I decided to not create a Youtube channel for now. I want to work on it and be sure the things I upload are on high quality. I put the video on hidden, but you can watch it here!


The finished look

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The outfit

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That was it for today everyone! What makeup did you do for on New Years Eve? Let me know in the comments! 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Pictures are all mine. 

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4 thoughts on “Full on glitter glam // My new years eve look

  1. Hoi Tessa. Ik vind het filmpje super gedaan. Ook de muziek erbij. Vooral ook handig om te zien hoe je te werk gaat wanneer ik mijzelf ook nog eens wil opmaken. Al zal ik daarin nooit zo handig worden als jij, ik heb toch al heel wat bijgeleerd. Het eindresultaat is echt prachtig. TOP gedaan !!!

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