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The fall Pusheenbox // unboxing time!

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Hello everyone!

Ready for the last autumn post before we go all out with the Christmas season? Today will be all about the fall edition of the Pusheenbox. I received this as a gift from my boyfriend for my birthday, so let’s unbox this baby!

What is Pusheenbox?

So you will all recognize the chubby, cute cat you can use as a sticker on Facebook and Messenger. I was always obsessed with this little cutie and I started following the Facebook page of the cat. There is so much merchandising and little animations of Pusheen, I quickly wanted my own. So I got my Pusheen stuffed animal last year!

When I saw there are surprise Pusheenboxes, I really wanted one. So this years birthday present was born!


This year, they decided to make the fall Pusheenbox bathroom-themed. So the box is full of goodies you can use in the bathroom. Let’s start unboxing!



I love that the box itself is so cute as well!


The first thing in the box is a loafer with a Pusheen chain on it.



This goodie is so useful! It is a toothbrush with a hygienic cap, formed like a little Pusheen!


The next thing is a Pusheen stressbal, what a little cutie.


Yay! There’s also a little plush in there. A cute Pusheen plush wearing a bathroom robe.



A little bath towel with a Pusheen drawing on it.



A winking vinyl Pusheen!



A soap dispenser Pusheen! This one is shining bright in our kitchen right now.



The absolute best piece in this box, screaming my name is the Pusheen bath robe. I wear bath robes all the time at home, so this is perfect for me!

See you next time! 

Your Belgian blogger,

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. All of my opinions are my own. Photo’s are mine. 

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