Battle of the foundations // Yves Saint Laurent Touche éclat Le Teint vs Too Faced Born This Way

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Hello everyone!

Today’s post is a battle between two products. I called it this way because these two foundations are very good and I use them for quite a long time now. Nevertheless, I still want to know which one is the best on a really important day. Want to find out? 

Yves Saint Laurent touche éclat le teint

I have been using this foundation the longest. I was at the time looking for a new foundation and the girl at the counter recommended me this one. I was actually looking for a foundation in the Chanel section, but she told me this one would give me better results with my skin type and age.

The foundation is very lightweight, but a little bit goes a long way. The product doesn’t smell very strong so that’s also a plus. For natural days, I apply the product with my (knock off) beauty blender. Other times I go with a buffing brush.

I love that you can build it up if you want a higher coverage. It lasts a long time. It looks very natural. This foundation is a good everyday foundation.

Too Faced Born This Way foundation

I bought this foundation because I was looking for something new. I find that the color range of this foundation is much more accurate and the color I got fits my skin a little bit better. It goes on very pretty and it gives my face a healthy glow. The coverage is beyond great for everyday, but you can build it up as well.

It also smells neutral. It gives my face a warm but neutral glow. I tend to reach for this one a little bit more when I want a full coverage. I feel that it looks more pretty.


I feel that the Too Faced one is of better quality. The color range is better and it gives a more neutral and warm glow to the face. With the YSL one I tend to have more dull skin. The YSL one covers up less of the imperfections on the skin. You need more of the YSL one to get the same coverage as the Too Faced one.

I am more satisfied with Too Faced Born This Way. I am not leaving the YSL aside because it is great as an everyday foundation. I don’t want a full coverage for school and this one is perfect for that. It just evens out the skin and that’s exactly what I need when I am in a hurry.

Which one would you pick? 

Your Belgian blogger,

xoxo, Tessa

Disclaimer: Not sponsored. I bought everything with my own money. All opinions are my own and pictures are taken by me. 

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