A week in my style: november – december

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Hello everyone!

This week I am back with a fall-winter related post. I am taking you guys on a tour during this cold week with some of my outfits I wore. I hope you like it!


The start of this week was very cold. It had frozen that night so everyone was busting out their winterclothes. So did I. Luckily I was prepared to pack some of my winterstuff when leaving for a next week at the studenthouse in college.

The first thing I wore is this soft pink or rosey coloured pants. It is by Forever 21. My creme-coloured sweater with glitters is by Vero Moda. Underneath I wore a basic white top from Pimkie to keep myself a little bit warmer. I wore my staple piece in winterfashion, which are my long brown boots by Hampton bays.

I didn’t wear a lot of accesories. It was just a regular schoolweek so I didn’t have to go all out with this.

I kept it simple by just wearing my rose gold watch by Fossil. When I got out in the cold, I put on my plain black scarf and my yellow mustard coat by L&L.

My mondayoutfit. (And a quick look of my dorm!)
My mondayoutfit. (And a quick look of my studenthouse!)
Closer look of my monday outfit.
Closer look of my monday outfit.


Today it was less cold than it was yesterday. I also adapted my outfit to the less cold temperatures. I started off with again a plain white top by C&A this time. During fall and winter, I wear those tops almost everyday to keep myself a bit warmer while wearing something nice. On top I wore a light baby-blue T-shirt by Bershka. On the left it has a pocket. The blue colour is a bit spikkled.

I like this T-shirt although it is a basic, it is still something nice to wear and you can either dress it up or dress it down.

To keep myself a bit warmer during the early winterdays, I threw this grey cardigan from Mango over the blue shirt. It is from a thick material. The cardigan is knitted and has big brown knots to close it in the front. For pants, I decided to pick out some beige pants by Zara and my brown boots by Hampton Bays.

Tuesday outfit. I am sorry about the lack of quality in this photo!
Tuesday outfit. I am sorry about the lack of quality in this photo!


Today I was wearing something casual. I wore a grey top with some lace at the top. It is from H&M. On top I wore a checkered blouse. It has blue and red colours. It is by Forever 21.  For pants, I chose a regular jeans by Hollister. It is a bit lighter than the standard jeans.

For accesories, I decided to put on this white and pink necklace I got from a friend. She brought it for me from Australia!

I really like it. For shoes I changed it up a little bit. I took my black and white slip-ons by the store Avance. They have some glittery stones on them.

Some awkward posing.
Some awkward posing.


Today I went for the warm winterlook.

I grabbed some grey pants by Pimkie and combined it with light blue and white checkered blouse. It has a knot in the front, which makes the blouse a little bit more interesting. Underneath I was wearing a dark blue top. Both these items are also from Pimkie. To keep myself a bit warmer, I threw over a darkblue cardigan with bordeaux and white accents. It is knitted and feels very cosy. It is by Forever 21. I wore my dark brown little booties I got from Shoe Discount. For accesories, I wore a mint-green flowernecklace by Six. As a coat, I chose my darkbrown coat by Vero Moda.





Today I decided to wear a dress to change up my week a little bit. I chose a dress I bought at H&M. It is a black flowy dress. It is kind of a basic you can wear every season, even fall and winter. A girl cannot live without a LBD! (Little Black Dress). At the top it has some detailing and some buttons at the top. I wore a black top underneath so I let the buttons open without exposing too much. I wore some thick nylons to keep my legs warm. I accentuated my waist with a darkbrown woven belt. As a necklace, I went with my golden necklace. I decided to wear a more formal cardigan. This one is by Vero Moda. It is grey and has glitters all over them. I wore my brown boots by Hampton bays with it. For my scarf I chose a light pink flushed one with gold stroke on them. I wore my black coat with knots on them.



Today was a cosy sweater day. I started off with a black top as asual and threw my cosy red sweater over it. It is knitted and has a pattern which gives it some detailing and is by H&M. It has a V-neck so I still have some figure wearing this.

It kind of has a Christmas-sweater feel, which is fine by me!

I wore my gold chain necklace again to fill up the V-neck. The pants I am wearing are by Vero Moda. It is a darkblue wash jeans. For shoes, I put on my low brown booties on. Again the same rosey gold scarf with the black coat.

Saturday has a cosy feel.
Saturday has a cosy feel.


A more formal outfit for sunday! I wore this black skirt which stretches up on my body. It has a white chevron pattern. Again some thick nylons on this cold december day. I put on a white top and I wore a white sweater by H&M with a golden shine on it. Again, it has some festive feel! I tucked the sweater in the skirt. For my shoes, I wore this heels by Sacha, they are laced up at the top and have a light brown colour. I wore my black coloured coat with it. For accesories, I wore a darkblue necklace by Veritas.

My sundayoutfit.
My sundayoutfit.

That was it for this blogpost, I hope you guys enjoyed it and be sure to leave a comment down below! 



Disclaimer: I bought everything with my own money. Not sponsored. 



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